Report : 2014 Clusterbuster Cluster Headache Conference

Report : 2014 Clusterbuster Cluster Headache Conference

Nashville TN. Sept 18-21, 2014

Thursday September 18

As people from several countries and all over the USA began to arrive and settle in to Nashville, we all gathered together for the Presidents Reception on Thursday evening.

It’s called the Presidents reception but in all honesty it’s returning attendees that hold the reception. People that have met before and understand the magnitude of meeting a group of clusterheads for the first time. Many people know each other from past events like this and seeing old friends again resembles the reunions we often see on TV at airports. People coming home from overseas and reuniting with their families. Had TV cameras been there some of the reunions would now be trending on You Tube and Twitter.

Even more emotional for many is meeting new arrivals that have never met another cluster headache sufferer in person for the first time in their lifetime.

As an organizer things are certainly hectic on top of seeing old friends again myself but I am able to sit back a bit and people watch. It’s an incredible sight sometimes to see someone that obviously has felt isolated and alone for years, walk into a room that seems full of relatives that they didn’t knew existed. Imagine walking into a room and seeing 100 brothers and sisters that you never knew existed. That is happening all around the room and is something to marvel and this alone makes all the work putting these people together, all worth it.

One of the best parts of these gatherings is watching those that are returning for another conference actually seeking out the new people so that they can be a part of the experience of meeting a first timer. It is something that neither will forget no matter which side of the handshake/hug they are on.