Current Studies

When there are research studies concerning cluster headaches, we will post them here for your information. Many studies are actively looking for volunteers to participate.

Personal and Environmental Factors in Cluster Headache

Clusterbusters is working with researchers at Yale University’s Department of Neurology, led by Dr. Brian Koo, who are conducting a prospective study designed to look at the possible correlation between cluster headache and changes in barometric (atmospheric) pressure. This study of for both episodic and chronic cluster patients. For more information, read here »

Investigating Psilocybin as Treatment

Adults with chronic cluster headache, age 21 – 65, needed for a research study investigating Psilocybin in the treatment of cluster headache. Read More »


Eli Lilly: Patients Who Completed Episodic or Chronic Study

Eli Lilly is planning a Long-term, Open-label Safety Study for Patients who Completed the Episodic Cluster Headache or Chronic Cluster Headache Studies. Read More »


Genetic Study

We are looking for individuals who have received a diagnosis of CH from a doctor, who have at least one immediate family member who also has received a diagnosis of CH from a doctor to participate in the study together. Read More »

Cluster Headache Diagnosis Study

Help improve recognition of cluster and related headaches by taking a brief online headache questionnaire. Read More »