Eli Lilly: Patients who Completed the Episodic or Chronic Cluster Headache Studies

eli-lilly-1Eli Lilly has recently informed Clusterbusters that they are initiating an additional clinical trial for patients with Episodic Cluster Headache and Chronic Cluster Headache. This study will be an open-label safety study of LY2951742 for patients with episodic or chronic cluster headache who complete the ongoing episodic study (NCT02397473 on www.clinicaltrials.gov) or the ongoing chronic study (NCT02438826 on www.clinicaltrials.gov). The primary objective of this trial is to assess safety through long-term open-label dosing. All patients who qualify for participation will receive LY2951742 dosing (no placebo) during the trial.

The company will provide more information to Clusterbusters and on the web at www.clinicaltrials.gov at a future date to be determined.