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  1. I think for every 'rule' I've read that defines a cluster headache, I either know someone who has clusters and defies that rule, or I myself defy it. Alcohol is a trigger - not for me, and one or two others I know. Clusters make you agitated, and you can't sit still. Not always, sometimes it does, but quit often I like to not move a muscle so I can focus on managing the pain. I read one place that clusters always happen on the same side of the face, and the opposite nose and eye waters. Not true for me, clusters hit both sides of my face, sometimes the back of my neck, etc. And the same side of the cluster waters. Clusters are suppose to last 15 minutes - 3 hours. Some of mine are 1-2 minutes, 5 minutes, 10 minutes... etc. I think there are about 2 rules most of us can agree on that are true for clusters. 1. They are unique, to one degree or another for everyone, with the distinction being extreme pain. 2. As soon as you figure out the rules of your clusters, the demon changes the rules. Renée
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