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  1. I am not very familiar with Cesamet but it does seem to have a lot of similarities with another synthetic cannabanoid that I have experienced in the past, Marinol (AKA Dronabinol). Unfortunately I have never taken it while busting so I can't give you any personal feedback on that. What I can say about Cannabis in general is what Spiny said--When mixed with mushrooms it can make the experience more intense and most importantly to me, it can make your mind pretty clouded. I don't notice this effect at all if I smoke before the mushrooms kick in. Every time I take mushrooms I start by chugging down my tea, then grab my bong for a toke to prevent nausea. I have never felt that it interfered with a bust, and it would surprise me if it did. The receptors that the classical hallucinogens hit are completely different than the receptors that cannabanoids tend to hit so I have my doubts that anyone is going to find cannabis type drugs (synthetic or natural) blocking a successful bust. The biggest drawback that I have found with these synthetic cannabis medications is with the route of administration (pills). The problem is that the pills take a long time to start working (somewhere around 2 hours for Cesamet and Dronabinol) and then take an equally long time to wear off (sometimes up to 8 hours) In my opinion a better option is to smoke or vaporize a small amount of cannabis as it will work immediately and wear off quickly. However, I completely understand that for some people that's just not an option. If I was going to try it I think I would attempt to split the Cesamet pill in half (can you do that? If I am remembering right it was not so easy to do that with Marinol as it came in an oil filled gel cap), then wait a couple hours until it's fully kicked in and take your mushrooms (possibly a smaller dose). On a side note, I don't have much issue with ingesting LSD and then smoking cannabis. The stimulation that LSD gives me tends to fight off that "mind feeling clouded" effect. You might find that the combo of Cesamet and LSD work pretty well together, but I would still start pretty low in any initial experiments that you do. Good luck and keep us posted. Ask away if you come up with anymore questions! -Ricardo
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