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    So very sorry about your medical situation! Sumatriptan tablets don't really work at all for most people. When you say they take 60/90 minutes to work, is that actually substantially shorter than your typical CH attack? Some people find that if they have regular attacks that occur on a specific time schedule, taking the sumatriptan pill in advance of the attack might help. Yes, there is some evidence that triptans can make a cycle longer and make attacks worse. I would say that is not true for everyone. So my general answer (before getting on to some other things) is that if the suma shortens your attacks appreciably, or if maybe you can time it so it works more effectively, yes, it might (or might not) extend your cycle. You just have to weigh the reality of shorter attacks (if that is a reality) against the possibility of a longer cycle. I know I'm basically just "answering" the question you asked with a restatement of that question, but I do think you have to first establish how much relief you're actually getting and then you have to just decide what to believe is true for you of using the suma. Like I say, it is far from certain that it will have bad effects, though it could. As other ways to deal with your attacks, you might try drinking an energy shot (such as 5-Hour Energy) or an energy drink (Monster; RedBull) at the first sign of an attack. That is very helpful for most people. The energy shots are actually likely to be more effective than the full drinks. If you can get melatonin, taking 10mg or more at night helps many people. Some find that if they put their feet in very, very hot water just as an attack starts it will help them. The vitamin D3 regimen has helped many, many people ( Do you have any way to get tanks of oxygen, the kind that is used for welding (not the kind that is used for SCUBA diving, which is just compressed air)? If so, you can create the most consistently effective way of stopping a CH attack (you'd have to also buy a mask and a regulator). I hope some of this might help you.