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    Conference Room Share Thread

    who am I? Dennis O'Connor. Feel free to check the archives of this site and Clusterheadaches.com back 20 years or so. or my FB page https://www.facebook.com/dennisoc2000 ANYWAY....I'm 65 now....I can barely afford the gas and conference fee. I live in Conroe Texass...3 hrs from Austin. I need a place to crash in Austin. By myself...and maybe any CHer near by me who needs a ride. Ya see...I can offer a ride in my car or wheelchair lift equipped van to any folks around me who want to go. Which means any folks between Conroe Tx and Austin...that need a free ride. And if some cat replies to this "place to crash" request...then all ya need is $125 for the conference....an if thats a financial game stopper...i'm bettin you can sneak in. WHY do i care ? You ask? I'd like to shake Bob's hand before I die. As an episodic KIP 10 CHer for years...having tried everything under the sun..every crazy fuckin thing that appeared on Clusterheadaches.com.....like any truly in pain CHer must...after vilifying Bob and friends..in desperation ....i grew their godamn shrooms....and ate some....I have been CH free for a decade er so. YES...I do have two tanks of O2 and the latest Cluster masks close by....i always will....cause the beast woke me a FEW ....(as in 3-4) times in the past decade...I stay armed. Imagine that...saying that you or some CHer you know has only had 3-4 Clusters in 10 years.! Anyway...fuck all this blah blah blah... If ya need a ride or have a place in Austin fer me to crash..contact me doconnor2000@gmail.com...or 936.333.5966 Whoa...it just occurred to me...My van has a pull out back seat bed...I'll just park in the holiday inn parkin lot. Nevermind.