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    Ahhh good info, going to send these to her now.. I got to admit that I have been hesitant in the past myself, but with no better understanding than this world has with CH's they don't give you much choice... Thanks very much for the ammo/info
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    If they were frozen dehydrated you should be fine refreezing.. If they were fresh I would not refreeze as they will turn to mush (no pun intended). The jury is out on effectiveness but many store them in fridge or freezer (best vacuum packed) and report retained efficacy years later. Storing in honey is also popular. Reports of low non hallucinogenic quantities seem valid with a dried 1-2 gm seeming to do the trick. Tripping hard is not the goal or even desirable. The goal is to terminate a cycle and live well.
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    Rush if your wife still has concerns about welding 02 share these links with her. The biggest difference is medical tanks requirements for filling is a visual "inspection" and sniff test. I have never read of anyone having any issues. http://www.fda.gov/Drugs/GuidanceComplianceRegulatoryInformation/Guidances/ucm124716.htm https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=F_wZrK0EyZ0&sns=em
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    OB1, To properly answer your question there's a lot of variables to consider. firstly being the mixture becomes more noxious... by an order of magnitude for ever hour left soaking over the 2 hour recommended time. QUITE vile after just 6 hours. Secondly if it's been exposed to light it's possible the LSA has been destroyed. LSA quickly breaks down when exposed to light. In the seeds it's not a problem, but once it's been absorbed in the water light easily penetrates the water and destroys it. The soak should always be done cold and in a dark fridge preferably. For ease and accuracy, I'd recommend starting with fresh seeds. PFW, Jeff