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  1. Hi Shoog, Sorry I don't have much time for elaboration right now, I'll try to get to the point with my thoughts: Triptan spray: If you're tasting it you're probably "sniffing" while using it, a mistake most of us make unless instructed otherwise. I recommend researching the instructions for it. Last time I checked, it's just supposed to go up into your shnoz, with no sniffing, not used like an actual inhaler. Injections are widely known to work quicker, plus there's the major advantage of being able to use partial (but still very effective) doses, and stretch your supply / reduce your side effect risk dramatically 100% O2, as you'll be instructed on the use of here, aborts attacks well without side effect risk or blocking other treatments. Verapamil can work for some. More effective is "busting". It will sound crazy at first (well it did to me), but see the Harvard and (currently underway) Yale studies, etc., plus tremendous amounts of CH'ers who've found long lasting prevention relief with it, sometimes from a single dose, and you'll start seeing what a breakthrough it can be. There's a "D3 regimen" that some find relief from, and it shouldn't interfere with anything else you're throwing at the CH. You were discriminated against due to your gender, denied proper care, and left in unspeakable pain. That's horrible. Not that it was done intentionally, it was due to an old, stubbornly lingering misconception, but that kinda %&^$ has really gotta stop! -Jeebs (not female, but still outraged. My dear mama taught me about gender discrimination )
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