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  1. What dose of Indomethacin did the ER doc prescribe? I have HC and and I had to slowly increase the dosing until I got to a point where it helped quite a bit, currently at 75mg 3 times daily. I still get pain but mostly not too bad. I take Ranitidine 75mg in the morning and tums during the day for indigestion if needed. Give the Indo some time to see if it works. At least this way you can determine if it is hemicrania or not.
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  2. Can you handle caffeine? If so, you might want to add in some guarana. it is a caffeine containing nut that is very popular in South America. For some reason guarana seems to protect against the gastric irritation that comes with Indomethacin. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/14669256 The caffeine might also help with whatever kind of headache you have and make the Indomethacin work a bit better. -Ricardo
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