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  1. Hello Jacob, most of the people on this site have been where you are now. In order to get the best advice/help please tell us about your back ground with treatment, a lot of people think they have tried 'everything' before coming here and that is not always the case. Do you have oxygen and know how to use it properly? if not please read up on it and check the files on this site. Are you currently taking any Dr. prescribed meds ? if so, please let us know what they are. Have you been diagnosed with cluster headaches by a doctor? There is nobody here that can 'cure' cluster headaches, but there are plenty of smart people who can teach you how to manage this awful disease and hopefully help get you some pain free time. I found this site about 4 years ago and it changed my life. Please tell us what you have tried, and what you are doing currently to try and manage the pain, and we will try and help you.
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  2. Hi Blues! Well, I can identify with your frustration. Almost all of my hits are nocturnal. For me, they hit 15 minutes after falling asleep and run for 2.25 hours without O2 or an abortive. If you have a recliner, you can lie back in that to sleep if you keep your head above your heart. Also there is the pile some pillows on a table and sit in a chair with your head pillowed to sleep method. Taking Melatonin at 9mg up to about 20mg at bedtime can buy people some sleep. Trying those should buy you some rest. For many, a nap will set off a hit. Maintaining a steady sleep schedule is best. I understand being tired after a hit or ten. The idea of maintaining a sleep schedule seems impossible right now. What abortives do you have? O2? Imitrex? A bit of background can help. Have you tried slamming an energy drink at the first sign of a hit? It can be a big help. Please let us know what you take for your CH and if you have had a diagnosis and scans done. It will help us help you. I can tell you for starters that you need O2 and use the proper breathing method to abort those screamers!
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  3. Several of us have been there...still are there at times. I wish I had some great advice for getting you through this. It is so difficult to explain the level of pain to those that have never experienced this. Do you have oxygen? Even when it doesn't help me much it can calm me down a bit. Hugs
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  4. I think Indomethacin is both an abortive AND a preventative with HC. So basically, once you know your 45 days are coming up, I'd start it like 10 days beforehand. That way you get it in your system. It's a potent prostaglandin inhibitor, so it'll stop a lot of inflammation. It's also a COX-1 and COX-2 inhibitor.
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