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  1. I knew it was a tincture...probably some or all of feverfew, butterbur, gingko biloba, kudzu...et al. Do you know that alcohol is a trigger for many clusterheads? There was a time when "3 drops" would have put me at kip 8 within minutes ...no such thing as a cure....if it works for you...great...I AM doubting it's general potential success...to put it freaking mildly. Do you understand cycle ends, have you considered placebo effect (doubtful for ch, but then......)...how often do you take unknown chemicals from unknown sources based on "I heard"? ...what's your history (episodic, chronic, cycle length and type, diagnosis, dosages of meds, attempts at modifying dosages, combinations, O2 experience (type of mask, flow rate, technique), experience with steroids (IV, taper, both?), caffeine taurine combo (energy drinks), cold and/ hot applications? Vitamin D3 regimen? Attempts on this forum or others to seek advice on these? There are folks here and ch.com will bend over backwards to help....all ya gotta do is sincerely ask. However, your very first post touts a wonder cure...you should have heard the eyerolls and guffaws...I did! Your offer does remind me of a 1975 Starsky and Hutch episode...."out of the good ness of my heart...my friend...the FIRST one is free". What are you charging for the second....hmmmmmmm?? I have no desire to argue with someone who has no credibility...so I won't...PFDAN.
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