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    Oxygen help

    Yo CF...ya got the big hurdle outa the way...ya got the O2! Now....don't mind the pea brains (I'd worry about an O2 shop that doesn't know what flow a clusterhead needs...but that's me being grumpy)...so anyway....just go on the internet and buy yourself a nice 25 lpm regulator...they can be remarkably inexpensive...I think I paid less than $20. Nobody will know or care what lpm you actually use. Don't assume you HAVE to use the whole 25...I usually got by with much less.....YMMV....try different flows...... Best Jon
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    Dallas Denny

    RIP Dr Mike...

    Hi Chf Several have been able to pass along info to Dr McGeeney and he is now administering his version of the protocol......and, he has trained his brother in law, Dr Rick, who's been administering it on Saturdays at his OKC pediatric practice so his work will live on......all the folks I've talked to held Dr Mike in high regard and are grateful for his "outside the box" procedure!! DD
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    Help! verapamil and predinsone side effects

    240 verapamil is very low for CH - For years I dismissed Verapamil for being a waste of time, then finally saw a Cluster specialist who was able to up the dose. This dr maintains that there is a dose of Verapamil that will work for everybody - it's just that some unfortunately can't go that high because of blood pressure / other medical problems etc. Once I ramped up to 560 verapamil it was like a switch turning them off - and as CHFather said some people need up to 960. I have side effects of a bit of dizziness and lethargy, but after a couple of weeks they disappear - please persevere! Not sure what country you're in but UK GPs aren't able to prescribe the high enough dose so you'd have to be referred or just pay for a private appointment and been seen straight away. Good luck!