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    Just got diagnosed

    Hi Batch, Thanks for posting this here. I'm actually aware of the D3 Regimen, CH father posted a link to your pdf file on this thread a while back. I've been vitamin D deficient for a long time, because I never go out in the sun and I've been having joint pain for years. I did do a few vitamin D test and some came back showing my vitamin D levels at normal. However, after reading that pdf file, I understood something and correct me if I'm wrong, but my understanding is that our blood stream does have enough vitamin D concentration but it's not getting absorbed? Also, I just started having these headaches 2 months ago and I've only had 2 attacks per week and pain is mostly at a 6 so I consider myself lucky when compared to the rest of you (or maybe it starts off that way for everyone? I'm not sure). I've already ordered all the vitamins and minerals that are mentioned in the D3 regimen through amazon and I will start taking them when they arrive tomorrow. Thank you so much for all the research that you and others have put into it. If this regimen works out for me, I will be eternally grateful to you.
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    Looks to be a made by Teva Generics, same ones I have. I'm assuming the purpose to open these up is to self-administer variable amounts? Is it possible to ask your doctor to prescribe the vials? If so, Walmart has sumatriptan 5 vials (0.5ml) 6mg/0.5ml for $122 on www.goodrx.com