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  1. 1. I take 300 mg 6 am and 200 mg 1 pm and another 100 mg if needed barometric pressure or shadows. I take B1 every day. 2. 500 - 700 mg all at a once caused diarrhea, 300 - 200 easier on my system 3. I settled on a 500 mg dose for me, with some days adding the 100 mg. I did try 700 mg for 5 days, it did not make any noticeable difference. I was not sure about side effects to B1, so I started with lower dose, hind site 300 mg am - 200 mg pm a day should be fine to start with. I'm not sure what the dose for your daughter will be, but you can feel the difference when you take the extra 100 mg about 25 minutes later, most of the time the shadow went away. Hope this helps
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