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  1. Thanks Siegfried for your message, i'll try milk+curcuma+black pepper. It's good not to feel alone with the same problems. As it was impossible to find medical O2 at an efficient flow in Japan, i felt i was becoming crazy so i've just cancelled my tour and have taken the first plane back home (France). Kind of professional suicide, but i felt i was in real danger and mental health is the most important thing... So i will see my doctor this monday, and will restart the D3 regimen with everything needed. Thanks BostonDoc, i'll try to find Zolmitriptan as you said it's better than sumatriptans, but don't forget that all countries are not USA... In Japan even vitamin D3 is almost impossible to find or to ship from abroad. I'll need to go there again soon, so my only hope is to find welding O2, plus a kind of MM called "Hikageshibiretake". Japan is really late about treatment of CH. Hope the fact to cancel some important shows will make things move a little bit, thinking about all japanese Clusterheads... Yann
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