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  1. As I've yet to be able to convince my doctor that my headaches are cluster headaches and not migraines (he continues to insist they are the SAME THING), I left his office the proud owner of a tiny band-aid where I was pricked with a needle from a dose of Ajovy. I'll be the resident test case.
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  2. Onglamesh, Alexandrax, Depression and anxiety attacks are part of the cluster headache syndrome. Some CHers experience clinically significant depression. We know what you've been going through and the good news is it doesn't need to be that way. Nearly all CHers are vitamin D3 deficient and that deficiencies contribute to the frequency, severity and duration of their CH. Solve that vitamin D3 deficiency and the odds are high you'll solve your CH problem... depression too. My name is Pete Batcheller, a.k.a., "Batch." I'm a 74 year old retired Navy fighter pilot and lon
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