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    Cluster rules

    Making these up as I go along, just having a bit of fun. You're welcome to add some of your own. First rule of clusters: No two cluster sufferers have the exact same symptoms. Second rule of clusters: Just as soon as you figure yours out, it changes. Third rule of clusters: Try everything. What works for you may not work for others and vice versa. Forth rule of clusters: My triggers are not your triggers, and your triggers are not mine, but they might overlap. MG
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    Hi Anthony, I have done traditional hatha yoga for 12 years on an intensive level and I finally stopped it as it always had a devastating effect on my headaches. Both on migraine and cluster headache. I always thought it was not possible yoga could make my condition worse but finally have to acknowledge it actually does. Yoga addicts can pretend whatever they want but in my case, yoga has done absolutely nothing for my headaches, on the contrary, these exercises are pushing a lot of energy to the head and just intensify the headaches and make it worse overall. I have stopped practicing for 6 months now and I have seen a slight improvement over time and no more so often these violent breakout of attacks (both migraine and cluster). My suggestion: stay away from any indoors activity and do something outside in the open air. However if you believe in the yoga hype, don't hesitate to try it and if it worsen your condition, you can be sure yoga is the culprit. I think for our condition, tai-chi and chi-gong are better choices if one is looking into Eastern mind-body oriented practices. All the best ! siegfried
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    5:18PM and 10:18 PM Me too...