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    I keep a m60 in my car a lot of the time. I built a little box that it sits in with 2 E tanks. You can just strap them to a seat back to make sure they do not fall over and break the regulator.
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    Hey DM, In the days before I developed and started taking the anti-inflammatory regimen with 10,000 IU/day vitamin D3 (2005-2010), I drove to work and back home with my M60 on the floor behind the drivers seat daily driving 25 miles up 395 to the beltway to McLean, VA . I configured my M60 with an InGageĀ® 0-60 liter/min regulator from FlotecO2 and oxygen demand valve. If I got hit while driving, I pulled over to use it. That made for some interesting discussions with the State Patrol when they pulled in behind me to see why I was stopped along the freeway... If your CH are hitting at night, strap the M60 with the luggage. Take care, V/R, Batch
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    Hey dm If it's a large cylinder with cga-540 connection, you need to remove the regulator and transport with the neck cap on. I've carried my large weld ox tank in strapped down in the bed of my pickup many times......I could get pulled over, hook up the regulator, and be huffing in short order! DD
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    Yes, we will be opening scholarship applications in April and they will be awarded by the end of May.