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    Are you chronic or episodic? Are you taking sumatriptan pills or injection that stopped working. In general the pills are worthless and the injections or nasal spray are the best routes of administration. What dose of verapamil are you on. Quite often it requires doses in the 800-1000mg/day. You need to be followed by a cardiologist and see them after each dose increase to check your EKG and blood pressure. As for the oxygen we have found that the standard 15LPM is not enough for a lot of CH patients. A lot of us buy our own regulators that go up to at least 25LPM. I wouldn’t count the oxygen out until you read up on it here. Sometimes technique makes all the difference. Some people hyperventilate and have better success. I myself found much more relief with the 25LPM flows. If you need links to some affordable well made regulators let me know. And finally we get to alternative treatments which is what this site is all about. Click on the new users blue button at the top of the page. It will lead you to links about busting. Once you’ve read that stuff make a post in the theories and implementation section with any questions you may have. The alternative treatments are a very safe and effective way to abort a cycle or even prevent one. Brian
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    Describing CH to non-believers

    Thanks for sharing Paul, when I watched my first couple of people getting an attack I said to my mother (I currently live with my parents) is that what I look like? I don’t look that bad. And much to my surprise she said it’s just as bad in a different kind of horrific way. She in particular worries about the pain I have to endure. It doesn’t matter how much I tell her I will never be suicidal she just worries about it. I see a psychologist on a regular basis, once a month to every week depending on how I’m feeling. Honestly since I’ve been dosing with mm (magic mushrooms) for over a year now I will only get a hint of depression here and there. I also think it helps with the hopeless feelings as I rarely get those thoughts either. Despite knowing my options for treatment are very limited. As for the emotional part I hadn’t been able to cry for over a year until a couple of weeks ago (I’m 18months since my first CH and I’m chronic). Then my mother told me about how her dentist asked how I was and she told him I was battling CCH he winced and said “he’s been through so much, I’m so sorry...” and I immediately started balling. Since then I’ve been fairly emotional at times and I try not to break down in front of my parents too much. When I look back at how much pain I’ve endured since I was 14 (I’m 40 now) it seems Unhuman. From serious third and second degree burns, bulging cervical discs, burn scars crushing my spine, the list goes on all in all 25 plus surgeries since 14y/o. But all that pain has prepared me to deal with the CCH (the worst pain of them all). Take a look at my post history to see more, I’ve rambled enough. Plus I have mad a few threads about mm cultivation with links. There are several ways to cultivate. Another option that may be better for you since your cycle has already started is to try LSA contains seeds. Click on the new members button at the top of the page there is a link to more info.