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    Hiya Mj...feels weird to quote myself...but I'd just say (almost) the same thing: https://clusterbusters.org/forums/topic/4983-episodic-to-chronic-advice/ Still true 15 yrs later....tho I'd say "manageable" is the proper word. The attitude part was learned the hard way.....and it was for survival. YMMV on how ya get there. I had a life, loved ones, a job, a career...and things to frigging do....and this CH shit was getting in the damn way and threatening to take all of that away. "Not gun happen...read my lips". I realized it wasn't gonna kill me, why should it disable me? My belief it starts with the attitude...and living between the hits....a plan comes with research and advises the right tools (one of 'em being right here)………...