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    As a sufferer for over 30 years... I’ve tried so many treatments that didn’t work... you have to keep trying until you find something that helps you - if not reduces them. As far as Dr’s saying it’s not healthy - me being over medicated from Pain is not healthy - my lack of sleep - is not healthy- different drs trying to give me blood pressure medicine when I don’t have high blood pressure - is not healthy. Keto has been used for years to treat epilepsy and so much research is out there supporting it - if you don’t want help and don’t want to try it - there is absolutely no reason to discourage others. I found out something that works for me - and the medical study showed it helped 86% of the patients. It is strict - less than 10% carbs but once you learn it you can very easily do it! People say Keto is hard - I say having clusters every single night is HARD— not having a life because of clusters is HARD - not being able to enjoy the sun because heat is a trigger is HARD - choose your hard! I don’t care if it’s been mentioned a million times .... it wasn’t mentioned by me! I am not spamming and I will not stop sharing my story and what is helping me. If can help just one person it’s so worth it!