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    Holy f'ing shit.....how could I have been so stupid to miss this for 38 years??????!!!!
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    Yes this was some disappointing news. The article is a year old and since then they have also stopped the study with episodics. Personally I believe that part of the issue was that they didn't learn about clusters or cluster patients nearly as well as Eli Lilly did and didn't design their study properly. They never engaged the cluster community. Bob
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    Dear BostonHeadacheDoc, It is wonderful to have a health professional working on our behalf. Thank you!! I would love a copy of your review and will be PMing you if that is okay. I have migraines but have found the busting, vitamin D regimen and other suggestions found in this website to help far more than any pharmaceutical I had been prescribed to this point. I am wondering, too, if Ketamine might be helpful for migraines. I am thinking yes but am not hopeful that any physician in my area would prescribe this for headaches. I would like to show your review to my PCP though, maybe, some day, perhaps.... Carlos, I love your posts. They are consistently well thought out, interesting informative and funny, too. And hey, thanks for sayving the "verse!"