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    I'm in a small town and know all the staff. So the one time I ran out of o2 on a sun night they hooked me up in less then 2 min of going thru the door. They asked me if I wanted fentynal and we're shocked when I said hell no. Just 02 15 min later I was back to normal. Just as my dr walked in to see me.
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    G'mornin BOF! Although I've hit the fire station a few times for O2, I've never gone to the ER for clusters.....however, I was transported to the ER at the Dallas VA in 94 for a suspected heart attack! So, the doc does an initial evaluation and I give him my history and meds (all a part of my VA health records), they get me in a gurney and put me in a room, a nurse comes in, asks my pain level....told her a 3, so she gives me a nitro and asks again.......my answer, my heart is racing and I'm about to pass out!!! She called a code and the flippin room filled up with doc's and nurses.....evidently the nitro along with the blood thinner "Enderol" DO NOT play well together! Threw me into an arrhythmia so they wheeled in this machine, hooked me up and shocked the living piss outta me several times.....big enuf jolt that I was bouncing off the feckin gurney! Did I mention that I was in cycle?? Well, I was, and by the time they got thru they had triggered a monster hit! Surprised that the morphine didn't at least make the pain tolerable for you.....that was their remedy for me and it did get me thru that hit and several others for the 3 days I was in the cardiac ward waiting for a heart cath and presumably stents or a bypass....yup, you heard me correctly....3 dammed days!! AND....it wasn't even a heart attack! Veins were clean as a whistle!! Wound up being a large hietal hernia and my stomach had been clamped down on by my diaphragm when it ventured thru the tear!! I did wind up in the ER on Jan 15th and again on Feb 6th of 1998 as a result of suicide attempts related to my worst ever cycle, functional alcoholism, and Vietnam era PTSD but that's another story! DD
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    lol @ doctors and cluster headaches. I am self diagnosed and if I wanted to get it on paper I would just have to talk to a good doc for five minutes and boom I'm diagnosed. Anyway, I started out thinking I had wisdom teeth killing me since they came in the same time CH started so I never went to the ER for it. I have been super close many times but the thought of not being able to lay on the floor or take a shower or pace around while moaning has kept me from going to the ER.
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    They wouldn't let me have oxygen, said it wasn't effective for cluster headaches. My discharge paperwork from the same visit said high-flow oxygen can be helpful for cluster headaches.