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    Hi all I am alive and well. My PTSD ended up getting triggered in Dallas as I thought it might. Sorry for my long absence. Thanks to all that sent their love. I will be back on the boards and this thread w an update. Short version is I am now having 4-6 kip 7-9CH a day. My D peaked at 277 w no bump in Ca or PTH. (I was about 150ish before I was admitted unfairly by my psych thinking I was manic and not triggered and I knew it was going to happen so I loaded w 1.5 mil units before my admission. My D spiked to 277 w that and my CH were gone for a bit. But as it burned off they came back as expected. ). I’m going to get w @Batchtoday and go over numbers to figure out a more aggressive load and burn schedule. I am also dosing w vitamin L... happy trails folks love me
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    Yes I am in the fall cycle myself after having a great year with just migraines the demon has made his appearance and dropped me to my knees as it always does when the cycle hits...The embarrassment of others reacting to me has been my biggest challenge lately because I dont like anyone to see me on my lowest parts of life when the demon decides to come out and play..And it seems like when I step out to a croud of people that's exactly when my cluster attack wants to hit me...almost like as game its playing to see how much I can take..BUT I WILL WIN THESE ATTACKS EVERYTIME..WE ALL WILL WIN THEM BECAUSE WE STRONGER THAN THE CLUSTERS THINK WE ARE.. Although they do hurt like crazy...lol
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    Hey automator. I am a 43YO male suffering for about 15 years (episodic). I started journaling my attacks in 2016, recording all the details. I do not have any real consistency at all. I get them on both sides, but normally the left. And the timing and duration are all over the place as well. In 2016 I started the cycle in August and lasted a month. Then got another attack for the month of December. Then pain free until late February of 2018. That one was on the right side and lasted 6 weeks. Again pain free since then until this past Friday night when I started having very mild attacks before bed and as I awake. Now just waiting for the cycle to go full swing. I also start the cycles out mild and it gets worse from there. Typically about a week to 10 days. Before I started journaling I remember one year where I had a cycle both in the spring and fall. So, probably not some other type of migraine. Just a wacky cycle. Highly recommend journaling.
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    I have been in the hospital multiple times in the last 10 years with Cluster Headaches and had injections for nerve pain giving to me in my face. I also had sinus issues going on so I had Turbinate surgery, after surger I started having cluster headaches again so i asked to have a Scan done and found that I a mucus retention cyst in my sinus. I was told that it doesn't cause headach but I insist to have it removed and I never had an episode since. Please insist to have your ENT or Neurologist do a CT scan and if there is any mucus retention cyst let them remove it. Hope this helps!
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    I am an Equinox person. Fall one in September - the 22nd or so. Never changed sides. At first they lasted a month or six weeks. Then it got to where they lasted till the Spring Equinox. And there was one year where I had surgery and the doctor was not at all helpful with the storm he stirred up in March. Not a Neuro and did not care. That one lasted eight months, not the normal six. Just keep in mind that they morph over time, They can change for the better or they can change for the worse. If you meant that they began in September rather than November, that fits a common profile. The Equinox. This mess can change sides and dates too. It just changes on us! I highly recommend the D3 Regimen!! It really helps a lot of CHer's.
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    I wanted to ask a similar question. Every year I used to get my headaches right at the peak of Fall season. Particularly when trees have shed and when their leaves start to rustle with the dry and cold wind. I noticed that over the years my cycle was delayed by 2 weeks. So 8 years ago it was around November and this year it was in January just before Spring. However, for the first time that I can recall, my cycle started at the end of November And the headache is on the opposite side of my head. I assume it was triggered by a Nasal Spray that I used to relieve my stuffy nose for a good night sleep that turned into a nightmare. So is it normal? For the side of headache and season to change? Should I be expecting another cycle on the other side later in the peak of Fall season? It totally got me off-guard this year as I was planning to bust once before December, that's when I was expecting it. How long will this cycle last, considering other people that have episodic cycles start around this time of the year? Thanks guys.