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    DK, I've been keeping up with the thread, wondering if it was going anywhere. As others have pointed out. Someone comes to the board every few weeks announcing a cure. There is no cure. Only remission. I myself have gone 2 years without an attack, then back to episodic then to chronic. Others 10 years or more and it comes back. I manage my beast with the natural medicines primarily discussed on this board. That said. I like to follow Bob's lead and let people speak freely without fear of repercussions. MM was once thought of as being a quack management technique. It is now, thanks to Bob and others like him, in my opinion one of the best treatments out there along with Oxygen. If you feel cured, then I'm happy for you. I'd recommend not claiming a cure though. Those of us that have been around are sorta tired of people claiming a cure, yet they're clearly simply in remission. I thought verapamil was a cure many years ago. The first time my doctor prescribed it for me, my CH disappeared a few weeks later. I was over the top happy that I finally found something that worked. The next year my CH came back and I went to the doc for another script of verapamil. It didn't do anything. Absolutely nothing accept give me tachycardia. (A dangerously slow heart beat). I realized thinking back. The first year was about 2 months into my cycle. At the time my cycles ran 2 to 3 months. I realized then, that my cycle had simply stopped on it's on, and had absolutely nothing to do with the verapamil other than coincidence. I've read about others having similar experiences with Kudsu, chriopractic care, hot baths, hotsauce up the nose, having the facial nerves cut, Adkins diet, vegetarian diet, etc etc. and the list goes on. They were not cures, just chance coincidence, or at best something that provided a small bit of help (which we all need at one point or another). What works for one person, may or may not provide help for another. It's great you're in remission, but people will not take you seriously by claiming a cure. You're in remission, that's great and happy for you. Cheers, J
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    I tend to think there is a cure. It's not going to be discovered soon, or easily. But one day someone will figure it out. Just not some random dude who blew his nose though. The fact that finding something in his nose cured him (assuming he is cured) makes me suspect he didn't have clusters to begin with, because I'm pretty sure there isn't a parasite in my nose. What frustrated me about this post, and the others claiming cures, is the bating and dancing around the subject. Either it works, or it doesn't. And if it does, just say and let people try it. Mox
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    Yes ,knock on wood, I’ve actually had them cut back to 1-2 day. That’s since starting D3&Magnesium and using O2. I can also affirm that O2 doesn’t seem to work as well when tank getting low. The mask I ordered (clusterO2 kit, Thanks DJ) really makes the welding set up manageable, at least for me rt now. Not sure if I’m back to normal after stopping the Imitrex or if the D3 helped that much but I definitely feel better and the attacks are down. Could this be end of cycle also? Hope community is doing well and maintaining.
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    Personally I never want to discourage the free exchange of information and ideas because you never know when the next "Flash moment" will appear. We are all aware that when folks get desperate they are vulnerable to any idea or snake oil salesperson. Evidence of this includes offering unsubstantiated surgical procedures at great cost and risk which people consider and actually agree to. In this particular situation I suspicion there may be a mental health issue in play. Whether the initial poster is attention seeking, manipulative or well intentioned their verbose nonsensical communication style speaks to a lost soul. Now that the story is out each person can judge it for themselves, take pity and move on.
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    Forward this post to 10 of your friends or the "cure" will disappear forever.