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    Hi All I'm 67 years old and new to CH (about six months, 3 months chronic). I can't thank you all enough for just being here. I was fortunate to have an Urgent Care PA that actually nailed the diagnosis in one visit and referred me to a local headache center. Lucky to have both within 10miles of me. The doctor at the headache center was amazing with a full understanding of the difference between clusters and every other type of "headache" and she's up to speed on every type of treatment. She's willing to fight for her patients when insurance companies resist as well. I think I'm in love. I can't imagine how some of you have lived so many years with this, and some largely undiagnosed for years as well. My hat's off to you true survivors. So anyway, I wanted to introduce myself and thank Bench (did I get that right?) for the vitamin regimen - I had the first full night's sleep in 3 months last night after just a week of poorly implementing the list. I'm in a rural area with not-so-well stocked drug stores and had to order most everything online. It's taken awhile to get all of the vitamins together in one pile. I'm still waiting for the K2 but the most significant effects seem to be coming from the D3. I really don't care, it's working so far even without the K2. I've been getting 1-2 major attacks during the day and 3-4 at night (lesser in intensity, but won't let me sleep) and I've had only 4 daytime attacks during the last week into the regimen. Nightime attacks have steadily decreased until last night - nothing but pure sleep. Doesn't sound like much but any day without them is a blessing. No shadow this morning either. Keeping my fingers crossed, and thanks again to everyone here. Allan
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    Here ls a method I used with my Neuro. He always has me seated toward the window light and then does the pupil test. Well, they contract at about the same rate. Two years ago, I turned off his lights and told him to look at my pupils. The CH side does not dilate properly in low light. And it takes quite a while to return to almost normal post cycle. He was giving me a bit of a hard time and wanting to treat for migraines. That changed his mind. The other pupil was huge and the CH one was 1/2 the size of the normal one. 'Oh, you do have Horners!' Ah, yes I do. My eye does not droop because I exercised the muscles to hold it open so much one year that I now have brow wrinkles on that side only and the eyelid is more wide open than the other one! It had gotten so bad that I could not read without killing my neck looking down. So, it became a daily project. He also was running with the normal runny eye, runny nose bit. Well, now I seldom get that, but the CH side of my head sweats profusely during a hit. Try it at home first. If you are still having CH, it should show up that way. It beats me how they just look at contraction and not expansion, but they do. And there is the old Nitroglycerin trick. They use it sublingual for Angina. But, for a CHer, it will bring on a hit. Not a migraine, a cluster. Painful way to go, but provides proof. She needs to rethink or catch up on her CH knowledge!!!!