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    Thanks for those links as well Spiny. I had belonged, for a short while, to another cluster forum around 2010 when I was finally properly diagnosed. I didn't want to go saying something unless I was confident. I also did a search on the site to see if it was mentioned already before I posted. I did a lot of research and was very cautiously optimistic about it. It took a week of completely pain free time before I even started to let myself believe it. I have been disappointed enough times thinking I had something that worked and then, boom. The regular dose was supposed to be 1,000mg. I had 500mg caps and decided to do half the regular dose to try it out. It worked for the first 3 weeks of the cycle before I increased to the regular 1,000mg.There have been a couple times that I took an extra 500 in the evening before bed but only a couple. Like you say, it fits the positive-risk-benifit-cost niche. cheers