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  1. I'm sorry, but no. This hypothesis makes some giant leaps although I understand that it seems unclear. "Nerve damage" is far too generic to link together disparate reports. More importantly, research suggests CH is signaling failure originating in the hypothalmus, which is consistent with our symptoms and pathology. Our pain may be mediated via the trimengial nerve but not because of primary nerve damage. Julie
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  2. Hi all, Thanks to @xxx 's vitamin regime, I seem to be skating past my first cycle after taking an earlier version of the regime, and I thought I'd share my results so far. After my previous cycle about 6 months ago I started taking 10k/day D3 gel tabs plus the magnesium, Mature Multi, Super K, and fish oil supplements recommended (I see Batch has updated the regimen a bit recently, am currently looking into this) Due to Covid, I have yet to test my D levels, but I am planning to see my Dr for a followup soon. None the less, my usual cycles last 6-10 weeks of daily episodes. But so far I believe I may have clipped my current cycle to just one week of very mild headaches. Here's my log from when the cycle started: August 3rd: Woke with a shadow/Kip 1 at 8am. Oxygen for 5 minutes until PF August 5th- Woke at 2am. Kip 2. Oxygen for 5 min until PF August 7th Woke 8:30am . Kip 3. Oxygen 5 min until PF August 7th (2nd) 9pm. Kip 3/4. Oxygen 5 min then early sleep with shadows persisting August 11th 9:45pm Kip 2. Oxygen 8 min until PF August 12th 9:45pm Kip 3. Oxygen 5 min until PF So far no episodes since the 12th. Finger's crossed this cycle is over, which would be wonderful. Many thanks to @xxx and everyone else on here, I haven't been this hopeful in many years.
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