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  1. To All, I'm in the loop with Daisy and there's nothing wrong with a vitamin D3 maintenance dose of 40,000 IU/day as long as you drink 2.5 liters of water/day, avoid calcium rich foods like al dairy products and see your PCP lab tests regularly to ensure serum calcium and PTH remain within their respective normal reference rang limits. Take care V/R, Batch or XXX.
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  2. My first thought reading the first paragraphs was hemicrania continua (HC). https://my.clevelandclinic.org/health/diseases/21538-hemicrania-continua It's a characteristic of HC, in contrast to CH, that oxygen doesn't work the way it does with CH (which I would say is true of what you are describing). Also, triptans typically don't work, either. But sometimes they work a little. There are several types of hemicrania. The good news, if you have a hemicrania, is that it is treatable with a medication, indomenthacin. In fact, that is the diagnostic test for hemicrania -- whether indomethacin successfully treats it. If you do have reason/opportunity to test Indo, be sure to look around the web for proper dosage. There are a lot of recommendations about that.
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