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    Zomig works wonders for me but it is a double edged sword, it stops the attack but it also extends the cycle. For me the only way to end the cycle is to get off the Zomig for at least 7 days or I am back in another cycle. I try to only loose Zomig when I am on vacation so I can enjoy my time while I am there and not ruin it for my wife.
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    The triptan medications are labeled not for prevention but my experience agrees with yours....taking an oral or long acting version will allow you to get sleep. There is a trade off though...you are likely to start getting rebound headaches from using the triptan regularly. You may also “time shift” the occurrence of the headache. Triptan use can also extend a cycle. Being awaken with a full blown cluster headache is very characteristic of cluster headaches and often how they initially present. Hopefully you can get some O2 to abort and lim it reliance on triptans. Sooner or later you will pay a price for daily use and its not pretty.
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    I’m actually having crazy side effects to verapamil. I’m having stomach pains like what come with diarrhea but I’m constipated so nothing is happening :(Verapmil is working so I don’t want to give up on it