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  1. Nice to read some honest responses to the hallucinogen effects!  I too am wobbly-kneed as I sip my tea!  The thing I think about is something my neuro told me when I told her what my new treatment plan was going to be......she said "Cindy, I just don't think you are the personality type that would do well on hallucinogens.  You're too hyper-vigilant." 

    Oh just draw your little line in my sand, lady!

    I've had 3 wonderful experiences just to spite her!  LOL

    ps I started dosing on Mothers Day.  Today I drank my first sludge of rc seeds...trying to destroy any shadow that remains!  Good Luck to you Scott1966 :)


  2. Shocked.....your posts are always informative.  Thanks for sharing.

    Poor guy with the pen in his head!  Dang, I'm like...."can he feel it in there, or what?"

    Gives new meaning to my one-liner around the house-

    If there is going to be something wrong with me......

    It will all be in my head!

  3. That poor bastard!  I'm in year 3 now and I get so sad reading about others who've done or are doing this daily! 

    Will this information help to get Orphan Drug & Disease $$$?  Could onset chronics become their own tiny little group that fits the criteria?  Secondary chronics have hope to at minimum return to episodic?   

  4. Absolutely the perfect post (for me) to read & commit to my favorites. 

    The discipline I've learned through this experience would be;

    "methodical and mindful"

    An in-depth analysis of psychedelic drugs in light of current scientific, medical and cultural knowledge and on the validity of psychedelics as adjuncts to therapy, as crucial but neglected taboo medicines, and as technologies of consciousness.

    Thank you Shocked.

  5. Just a word of warning about emailing the judge.He will find it to be tampering with the process and can even bring contempt charges against those who email him trying to sway his judgement, especially if the language used is abusive or can be deemed threatening.

    Emailing the prosecutor (persecutor?) might be effective.

    I have been racking my brain trying to think of the most effective approach to get our voices heard in a way that doesn't backfire and send us back to the dark ages (was that just a few years ago?) 

    Are any of you fellow sufferer's working on this behind the scenes?  My natural instinct is to do the "Full Court Press".  My training and career knows better!  Patience, Persistent and PC representation is much more Palatable to the legal world. (IMHO)

  6. I felt suddenly ashamed, hearing you're speech. Because i suddenly discovered the responsibility, and that i don`t do anything, beside hiding, leaning to you're effort. 

    I hope you can put those thoughts aside and know we're on a roll (together) now:)  We are such a small group within the populous that the idea of such a group (in my life time) was practically inconceivable over the past 32 years.  So I celebrate all of you!  I celebrate the world wide web!  I celebrate the hope that I have when before I had none.  Oh and I also drag every single soul that I love into my office and say "Watch this video.  It's a documentary of my life with CH.  I'll make you some lunch while you're watching!"  Not one single person has left the room before the video was over!!!!  It's like I'm finally legit, not just a whiner, but a true soldier in a very mean battle with a very mean disease.

    hugs sincerely,


  7. Have never met a clusterhead before, although Saxman and I keep threatening to meet up somewhere around Portland.

    Now you have!  Thanks for welcoming me into your home today and for the 3 hour tour!  (which flew by like 3 minutes!  I couldn't help but respond to this thread)


  8. Thank you Bob!  Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

    Along with all the beautiful associates, researchers, scientists, side-kicks and minions of our quest!  I cheer & cry & cheer again as I realize FINALLY there is HOPE.

    I fit the description to a T (in the Horizons 2009 video).  Never took a recreational dose in my life, 49 years old, went from episodic to chronic (beginning May 08) and desperate until my first dose on Mother's Day, May 9th, 2010.  Procuring my 2nd dose today! 

    I think of one of my favorite lines in Gone With The Wind.....

    "As God as my witness I shall never go hungry again!"

    Deepest Gratitude,



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