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  1. yes, click your "user name", then scroll down and click "go"
  2. Awesome! finding these shouldn't be too much of a hassle. Head down to your local gas station, or corner store. They will have Rockstars, Monsters, and Redbulls almost guaranteed. After that its just a preference of flavor Good luck buddy, let us know how you make out with it. Also from experience, these caffeinated beverages will make the O2 therapy more effective when combined. Theres been times for me when an energy drink doesn't cut it, and the o2 doesnt cut it by itself, but combined is a beast (CH) slaying combo  8-) If highly sugared drinks isn't your thing, a good strong c
  3. Monster energy drinks, Redbull, Rockstar. Not really sure what you have in your country, by your user name I assume that you are not in the US. A drink with a lot of caffeine & taurine in it. This is the label from monster energy "khaos" http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/thumb/d/d9/MonsterENSup.jpg/300px-MonsterENSup.jpg Anything similar is likely to help you Use sparingly as the more you consume, the less effective they are And as far as oxygen, YES!!!!!! check out the menu tab on the left of your screen,click on the "o2 page" print it out, and take it with you when y
  4. This is sad because most cant make it to Florida. I see no reason why the tests cant be done in the state you dwell in and have results sent to this guy in Florida. It's a shame because his test is only localized, having less patients and less data making his study, basically a wash. So my next question may be... How does psilo, lsd and lsa some how regulate hormones long enough after the substances are completely rid from the patients body for weeks,or months at a time? Personally steroids were the only thing that has ever really worked for me, and this might be of benefit for someone l
  5. So just where does the $5 dollars go? It says "donation". Donation to what?
  6. Yes, people report having the symptoms without the pain, such as drooping/teary eye and runny nose. Irritability, strange dreams, poor sleep and so on. Good choice on taking a dose at the firsts signs of chaos. Good luck and let us know how it goes
  7. Steroids work great for NOW, but in the long run they just make matters much much WORSE. As time goes on, you'll need a higher dose to achieve the same results. Stay away from them, there are better options.
  8. http://www.clusterheadaches.com/cb/cgi-bin/yabb2/YaBB.pl?num=1321477458 it was already posted : good find "SHOCKED"
  9. I recently cancelled my health insurance, and I still get H tanks for $30 bucks, delivered. These are the huge ones, they are like 5 ft tall and weigh like 100+ lbs. Liquid medical grade O2. You may want to find a medical supply company that has a contract with Apria or another specialty gases company and go through the medial supply center instead of the specialty gas company. On top of that i get an E tank, probably once a month, at no cost, just to keep in my car. The H tank lasts me about 7-9 days, I'm chronic... 3-5 attacks a day... There has to be someone out there that wants y
  10. this character is one hell of a troll http://www.shroomery.org/forums/showflat.php/Number/16434904/fpart/1/vc/1
  11. light/sunlight induces pinning, keep them in the dark until fully colonized No
  12. This could possibly block your busting attempts and or interfere. You should consider detoxing from this as well.
  13. About a week after a concussion playing highschool lacrosse. I was 14, I was knocked unconscious, and came to when my head bounced off the ground. Poor fitting, old helmet. Coach said I just got hit real good, although it was during a practice, and I was picking up the ball after it went out of bounds, my head was down and I was at a stand still, the kid that hit/checked me was a few years older than me, came at me full speed. When I woke up I had no idea where I was. Went into shock, shivering and shaking, extremely cold. Headaches started about a week later in class. Eventually had to drop o
  14. I heard if you deep fry them they are pretty good! http://www.shroomery.org/forums/showflat.php/Number/15381740#15381740
  15. Another thing mentioned in the video, is the fact that when serotonin levels go up, dopamine goes down. When dopamine goes up serotonin levels go down. I think the controversy with what class LSD should be in, is caused by the different brain chemistry people have. Different people experience different things. In the video Nichols asks the audience of you will, how many have takin LSD. Most everyone raises their hands lol. Then he asks if they enjoyed the entire trip OR after about 4-6 hours you got sick of it or annoyed and wanted it to stop. It seemed to be about 50/50, similar to the po
  16. Not if too much caffiene keeps you up at night, thus interfering with your sleep schedule.
  17. Some people that take a nap get hit after waking, a 30 min nap will not get you to REM. there are a few stages of sleep before you can get to REM. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Sleep_Hypnogram.svg
  18. I see a few people just discovering MAPS. Here is a video from one of the researchers associated with MAPS. This video with David Nichols explains how LSD works in the brain, and touches on the idea of why people get annoyed by the trip after six hours or so. When you take LSD, it first targets your serotonin receptors, after about 4-6 hours, the compound is broken down by the liver, and then re-enters the blood stream as a modified compound which targets dopamine receptors. Most users get annoyed and want the experience to end around the 4-6 hour mark. But of course everyone's brain chemi
  19. Water test can fool you, little air bubbles cling to the seeds sometimes making them float, give them a stir or crack them with pliers to make sure there is pulp inside.
  20. Probably because the histaminergic cells are still firing when they are supposed to stop....
  21. I dont think sleep triggers CH, I think CH causes the sleep issues. After all CH is known as histamine headache, histamines are responsible for wake cycles and the hypothalamus releases the histamines/nuero transmitters. "Sleep regulation Histamine is released as a neurotransmitter. The cell bodies of histaminergics, the neurons which release histamine, are found in the posterior hypothalamus, in various tuberomammillary nuclei. From here, these neurons project throughout the brain, to the cortex through the medial forebrain bundle. Histaminergic action is known to modulate sleep. Classica
  22. Don't change up too much, cuz if somethin works, you may not be able to pinpoint it. Stick with what works, or benefit from until it doesn't. Then start looking for other strategies. You got 13 days pf since last dose, maybe the next dose will give you 20 days. In alot of cases, its seems as if with each dose the PF time gets a little longer than before. I would keep on the road you are on. Caffiene is very very beneficial to us, but can also be bad. You say you used lots and lots.... I fear 4-6 hours your shadows may return. Happens to me alot, I'll wake up shadowing, knock it down wi
  23. Sounds like an early Birthday present! Congrats! If your cycles are predictable, you can dose before they are expected to return. If they are not predictable, dose at the first sign of shadows/attacks. Don't wait. If the beast knocks on the door, don't let him in. Dose as soon as possible. If he gets a foot in the door, it will be more difficult to stop.
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