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  1. homelessbychoice

    SSDI Assistance Request

    Hi Sheri, my name is Rob. I am so very new here though I know debilitating pain very well and sympathize for you and hope you will be recognized by SSDI soon for your situation. Pain and lifes uncertain anguish is a bad combo. In my personal experience with SSDI I was denied, as mostly everyone is. I ended up getting an attorney and like most I was accepted. It's also relieving to know that everything is retroactive from the very first day you file. When I was denied I waited 14 months to do anything about it because I felt bad enough being so young, felt so bad, and gave up. I believe the retroactive part goes back up to 18 months. The person you choose to represent you is very important. It's your life and rights your fighting for. I can also tell you from my personal experience once in front of an attorney I felt so worthless knowing how my life changed so dramitacally. I was nine months away from getting one of my dream cars, Magnum PI drove one. I ended up living off that money at least for a year hoping I would get better which was good (?) because SSDI would not be happy if I had a sizable bank account and rightfully so. That actually helped my situation showing honesty and having documents backing up how I did everything I could and not being greedy so my attorney said. I don't know how others felt in their reasoning for applying but if someone like myself is in need of these opportunities than the best thing to remember is that no one asked for whatever situation brought that individual to this point in life and it isn't their controll. I hope this helps and you and your journey gets better. I'm not into cliche's so I'll end it here. Thank you for sharing, Rob
  2. homelessbychoice

    This one may me giggle...

    As Long as he thinks he's NOT hallucinating, he'll be fine? Besides, maybe everyone else is hallucinating? Also, if having the runs while hallucinating, is having the runs a bad thing??? He looks like comedian Jim Breuer with those facial expressions. Comedy, music, and lots of BBC's Top Gear has seriously kept me going. Thanks Proffesor, Rob I would like to add that my new findings of the CB community, it's proffesionalism and what it stands for has become a part of that list also.
  3. homelessbychoice

    2015 Clusterbuster Conference

    Thanks Bejeebers. Being what I have become, I am constantly day to day cycling on living or getting out? At this moment since discovering ClusterBusters, by freak accident, I am so thankfully overwhelmed. I am not used to communicating, never, with people like myself. I have Massachusetts state insurance so Dr. Shapiro is out though I contacted his office to possibly speak to him? I have to at least be on the patient registry for that I was told but my message will be sent to him? As for Dr. McGeeney, I used to get from my garage in Springfield, Ma, travel, park and walk to my most favorite seat in section 14 off the first base line at Fenway Paak (Park) in just shy of two hours so Dr. McGheeney, a fellow irishman, will hopefully get to be a life changer. I spoke with my neurologist yesterday, Friday, and his forever trust in my actions, before I thought of it, he asked if I needed a referal and is pleased to here hope in my voice and knowing this he said, "my vacation next week will be a bit better knowing your at least optimistic". Too much positive flow coming my way. More so in the past 48hrs than the past five years put together! I used to be at Fenway no less than every other week. Sometimes Fenway and The Garden to see the Boston Bruins if timing was right for either team to be in the playoffs. Thanks again Bejeebers. BTW its BAWSTON... just some simple humor is all. Thanks getting that out of me, Rob
  4. homelessbychoice

    2015 Clusterbuster Conference

    Hi, can anyone here tell me which Dr. Robert Shapiro is attending? I googled his name and a few MD's came up? One of these doctors are only minutes from me in Springfield, MA and another in Burlington, VT. Also close enough. I would love to attend this event but living on SSDI and coming up with $1,000 for room and air, counting if I only eat what's provided at the conference and hotel continentals, isn't easy. Just did a further search and VT is the answer? Anyone here ever met with him? Thank you in advance, Rob
  5. homelessbychoice

    Advocacy Opportunity

    Hi, I was not aware of ClusterBusters until less than 24hrs ago. Though oxygen does not work for me and I have tried this on separate occasions thru out my 25yrs of cluster AND migraine headaches I believe in its values. Where ever I am, hospital or in contact within any medical professional I am asked every time, every single time immediately, have you tried oxygen. It's rediculus that in the past 25yrs oxygen is not recognized. Though unwanted, addictidive and not always by choice, approved by the FDA is good to go. It's their lobbiest and pure and utter GREED. Oxygen does work and their is no one I ever herd say, "going to score some O2 man, gots to get it"'. When's the last time the media covered an oxygen overdose??? I have my first appointment with a respected pain management Dr. this Monday and I am curious to see if he is only for the FDA drugs mostly because of social, pier and employment reasons. The hours are ticking for this meeting and now learning and understanding the usefulness of triptipans I will bring this up not to mention that I have used marjuana successfully when it was the right strain but I can't afford it. If he is not open to these options I will not continue with him. I can see it from a medical proffesionally poin, like my neurologist, but don't respect them based on the societal opinions of these, for us sufferers, pain relievers. The professionals going against the "norm" are pioneers and they are looked down upon by the boards. If it works than please let us live. If a magic mushroom is the answer if I am successful in a suicide attempt than mushrooms it is. If I can help in advocacy I will do my best. I do advocated for NAMI and the bully breed of dogs and understand the strong stigma they both receive. Especially for "pitbulls" it's disgusting still but with having two myself and proper education and public displays of awareness anything can and will overcome. Look at how society is growing to accept and adapt to marjuanas usefulness. Its very hard work and consistent public displays of awareness along along with the righ team of people to be successful in anything. Their will always be skepticals.
  6. homelessbychoice

    Cluster Migraine ???

    I have both. Chronic cluster and migraine sufferer. My pain level is a consistent 3-4 on the migraine side daily and as far as clusters go, that's multi-daily. This has been since 2009 daily and between 1991 & 2000 from October thru January. The clusters make me want to pace, move, headbang and wrap a towel up and use like a vice to squeeze my skull but, the migraine side wants utter stillness, NO LIGHT (net even the most minute LED from electronics), no noise or contact not to mention vomiting. I feel so fortunate for having this combo? I'm like a Bugatti Veyron but, the SS version I say to myself. i also say that my amps ALL go to 11. Since July 04 I have had no meds. I get too depressed and flush any pills I have. Luckily I dont like alcohol. Lots of people in the mental health field, most of them, don't understand the severity of depressional pain which I don't understand because I worked proffesionally and as an outreach worker in that field but also in that field you not educated on that. The chrisis worker who came to my aide recently had no clue that my suicidal antics are the main reasoning as a soul result of sever constant pain. She was sympathetic but inexperienced. Neither are eithe. But both are no delight. My most recent six day hospital visit for malnutrition, dehydration and to help manage pain I FINALLY met a nurse who's had both CH and natural child birth. She understood me and confirmed a CH IS more painful the natural child birth. I cried like a little school girl. Hope this helps, Rob