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    tonights the night

    I want to thank everyone involved in making this happen. Of course major kudos to Dan and his family. Working with Nat Geo and the producers on this has been a great experience. The producers took this story and cluster headaches in general very seriously and were interested in learning much more than they needed to shoot this. A great bunch of caring people. Having dealt with the media on this for years now, that is not always the case. There were a couple of reasons this film was made. One was that Nat Geo took an interest in our story and cared about the lives of the people that deal with clusters. Secondly, the first film they shot which detailed our work with BOL, was one of the most viewed specials hey had. The followup interest was inspiring them to tell more of the story. I would ask everyone that can, please watch the show. Please ask others you may know, to watch the show. The more TVs tuned to this show, the more the likely hood that NG will return to us for followups. thanks, everyone, Bob
  2. Psiloscribe

    Advocacy project, Wash DC.

    Thanks very much Batch. I plan on being there as long as it takes to meet as many people as I can that need to hear from us and can do something to help. I'll be in touch when this gets a little closer and I have some sort of schedule set. Thanks again Bob
  3. Again this year we will be holding several raffles and a live auction at the September conference in Chicago. As always, we truly appreciate the donation of items from individuals and business, we will ensure your generosity is noted during the conference auction and raffle. All monies raised goes directly to ClusterBuster sponsored research into the treatment of cluster headache. If you would like to help with a donation, we ask that you arrange for shipment to Chicago: ClusterBusters, Inc. P.O. Box 574 Lombard Il. 60148 Please note; If for any reason, you'd rather not use the P.O. Box, please contact us via email for a residential shipping address: busterboard[at]hotmail.com The same email can be used if you have any questions about the auction/raffle or the conference in general Thank you Bob
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    Reform Conference

    Here's a report on Clusterbuster's appearance at the International Drug Policy Reform Conference in L.A. The conference ran from Nov. 2nd to the 5th and was very well attended. Somewhere between 1500 and 2000 people attended. This was a very well organized conference with people from all walks of life attending and enthusiastically involved in making changes. The keynote speakers that opened the conference were the California Lieutenant Governor, Gavin Newsom, Former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson (who is running for President) and the Drug Policy Alliance Ex. Director Ethan Nadelmann. Ethan's group is the one that put on the conference and is often on TV talk shows. I was on the Review and Update on Clinical Psychedelic Research panel with some very distinguished people. Left to Right, Ralph Metzner, Rick Doblin, Amanda Fielding, Dr. Charles Grob, and yours truly. Ralph is one of the original psychedelic researchers, working alongside Tim Leary in the 60s and has continued as a professor, researcher and an author since. Rick Doblin of MAPS whom many of you know as being responsible for most of the psychedelic research ongoing worldwide. Amanda Fielding, Ex Director of the Beckley Foundation in the U.K. which is involved in a wide range of research in the UK. Dr. Charles Grob of the UCLA Medical Center has conducted some very important groundbreaking studies using MDMA, Psilocybin and Ayahuasca, and is one of the leading researchers in the US. It was quite the honor to be on a panel with such a distinguished group of people. What I found most rewarding was that the organizers thought enough about cluster sufferers and our story, and the importance of the research, to include us on this panel. We were able to get our story out to a lot of influential people that were more than interested in our work, our condition, and our missions. From the opening of the conference, Kaboom was relentless in lobbying for Clusterbusters and our various missions. Meeting with politicians, researchers and anyone that might be of help to us in the future and would listen. We had several meetings with researchers (some of which approached us following our presentation) to begin discussions on future projects. Some of which are very promising and important. Discussions included possible clinical trials and research on everything from brain imaging to PTSD as well as new treatment options. I cant thank Kaboom enough for her contributions to our progress at the conference and helping gain support for our work. She spent the weekend walking throughout the conference meeting rooms, passing out our informational brochures (which she also designed) and building interest. The presentation made a big impact upon the attendees. Since almost no one there knew anything about clusters (when we started the weekend) we opened with the video clip of Chuck (thank you again Chuck) and it didn't take long for people to understand the importance of the subject. Some people had to leave the room until the video clip was over. All in all, I feel the conference was a huge success for CB in that we gained a great deal of support, including from some very influential people and organizations. Our new contacts will be of help in not only future research but also in what we hole to be able to do in both advocacy work and education. Speaking of which, out next scheduled appearances will be in March in Washington DC. We're working on details now and should have some announcements soon. Bob
  5. Psiloscribe

    Ricardo's Psychedelic Head Pain

    I love a heartwarming Thanksgiving story Too bad you weren't listening to the "Hell Freezes Over" version of Hotel California because I think it's a beat or two slower and you may have been able to keep the car under control...... Bob
  6. Psiloscribe

    !!Gobble Gobble!!

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone. What's nice about this holiday is that it involves everyone, even those from outside the states or those that don't celebrate it, because those of us that do, are very thankful for ALL of you. You're all being thought of and spoken of, around our dinner tables, in glowing terms. Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!! Bob
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    ** Totally FREE & effective cure found **

    Well handled, thank you. Bobw
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    Good price on RC seeds-anybody ordered from here?

    These are the same people from IamShaman. A quality, trustworthy site, for years.....after all they are from Chicago. bobw
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    They do take a small fee. A little more than Paypal. Bob
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    The need for a laugh thread

    OMG, I havent laughed THAT hard in a LONG time. Thanks
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    Here is my general answer for this question regarding SSRI's If you were prescribed them for your headaches (clusters, migraines etc) which people often are, and they are not doing any good, which they normally don't, then talk to your doc about a safe way to detox from them and stop them before dosing. If you have been prescribed them for another condition, then I would stay on them and do as Ron suggested and skip the morning dose and bust. I would not up the dose. Especially not on the first dose while on it. Wait to see the results. For some people there may be some blocking but I wouldn't rule out busting or think that it won't work. These meds are a bit tricky and its possible, although not likely, that there could be an enhancing effect or an increase in the length of the dose effects. This is usually associated with the older tricyclics but as we know, everyone is different. So, don't raise the dose to compensate for unknown effects. Bob
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    IGive online shopping

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    My Permanent cure

    Ya know, if someone came to me and said that the chemicals and growth hormones they are using in cattle were causing our hypothalamus' to grow and cause clusters, I might take note and look into it, but.....even then, I know whey (pun intended) too many vegetarians and Vegans that are basically very healthy people that suffer from cluster headaches. People that had clusters long before tainted meat. The first recorded case of clusters was in the 1700s, long before Super Cows. Long before veggies covered in fertilizers and chemicals. I'm always happy to hear that some one's clusters have stopped. I hope yours are gone forever. Bob
  15. Psiloscribe

    Conference Photos

    I see we are going to have to start collecting cameras at the door. 8-)
  16. Psiloscribe


    Thanks for pointing these places out. we are on causes in FB. http://www.causes.com/causes/523519-clusterbusters# Bob
  17. We've talked about this for years and I think this year we're going to do it. It seems that clusters affect a large percentage of guitar players. (We should do a study lol) We had a drummer or two and a few harmonica players but we have a lot of guitarists.... We've talked about getting some together and playing... This year we WILL have a band there so there will be plenty of equipment available. We will also have a professional keyboardist. Maybe we'll cut a record...they still do that right?? LOL So...anyway.... If you're coming and want to bring your acoustic guitar.... Lets talk about it on this thread. Maybe if there are enough, you can start exchanging some tabs and work out something online beforehand. Not a problem if it doesn't happen, but I thought I'd throw it out there...It doesnt have to be anything elaborate or complicated either. Just a couple guys sitting around a (fake) campfire, playing a little, is cool too. If we have any vocalists out there maybe we can perform a few verses of...Comfortably Numb ;-) Bob
  18. Psiloscribe

    Discouraged but hopeful

    You're right CHfather.. After a couple doses of mushrooms there is no reason not to switch to seeds if you're out of mushrooms. The pain free time after the dosing is a good sign. I would suggest continued dosing and if the attacks aren't getting worse on days 4,5, 6......hold off and see if the cycle will fade away completely. Maintenance dosing is recommended between cycles. Depending on how many cycles per year you have and when during the year. Then, if if know the usual time your cycle is going to start, take a dose about a month before that. Even closer if you're very "regular" If you feel ANY signs of the next cycle starting.....burning, tingling, droopy eye.....take a booster dose immediately. Bob
  19. Psiloscribe

    Concerned Daughter in Law

    If it's taking 45 minutes to subside, the 02 isnt working or if at all, very little. I would definately order a new mask first off to see if that will help. You need 100% 02 and if you're losing 10-20 because of the mask, it can make a huge difference. And cutting 30 minutes off an attack is.....HUGE After the mask, THE most important thing is starting as soon as there is any indication a hit is coming. Toss away the "oh no, I hope this isnt what I think it is" and sit down, grab the mask, turn on the valve full blast and relax, and take deep breaths. The others have offered the best advice on other things to start doing now. Read the Mushroom FAQ in the Clusterbuster files and scroll down to the detox section and you'll find some other tips. He may be a little afraid of a detox making things worse, (can't live without the imitrex) but many people find the detox to actually reduce the number of attacks. best of luck and thanks from all of us sufferers for looking after "one of us" bob
  20. Psiloscribe

    O2 bummer

    There will be plenty of 02 at the hotel for everyone. It is being delivered on Wednesday for you early arrivers ;-) Bring your masks.....regulators if you have them.....we'll make sure everyone is taken care of..... ;-) Bob
  21. Psiloscribe

    How many more days???

    Kaboom (Elwood): 8-) It's 106 miles to Chicago, we got a full tank of gas, half a pack of cigarettes, it's dark and we're wearing sunglasses. Sidekickkk (Jake): 8-) Hit it.
  22. Psiloscribe

    Had it!

    Imitrex killed more people in the first year it was on the market than 3000 years of psilocybin mushroom use, including all the recreational use. The differences are only the billions of dollars of profit that Imitrex brings to the machine. The only profits psychedelics bring to the system are found in the judicial system. Oh well, dont get me started... > Bob
  23. Psiloscribe


    Maybe we should have held the conference on the east coast ;-) http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2011/08/27/hurricane-irene-mushrooms_n_938423.html?ref=email_share See you all soon!! Bob
  24. Psiloscribe

    Clusterbuster Jam band?

    Very Cool.... Bob
  25. Psiloscribe

    So, I am an idiot...

    Haha, I didnt even know Rockford had an airport. Bring some change for the tollway Kyle. Its not a bad drive as I take it quite often. At least you'll have a car in Chicago....;-) Bob