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    Thots from a Buster

    I believe they will be doing a stand up routine at the conference. Keeping up with the KaBoomers!! Hello MTV??
  2. Psiloscribe

    Thots from a Buster

    In case those of you that have tried the D3 treatment have missed it, there is a survey up in the Important Topics section of the General Board. Please take a few minutes and let us know how it has worked for you. http://www.clusterheadaches.com/cb/cgi-bin/yabb2/YaBB.pl?num=1313857806 Thanks Bob
  3. Psiloscribe

    Same questions, new guy

    Welcome, Hope we can help. If you go to the Clusterbuster Files section and scroll down to the Mushroom FAQ, there are a lot of ideas you can try, (One of them won't be a chiropractor) I used to go to one during cycles though just for the massages which helped some of the muscle problems in the neck. you'll find the propler dosing of the different B vitamins, Melatonin, Ginger tea etc. If you cant bust because of drug testing, I'd probably suggest giving Migranal a chance. Even if you wanted to give it a try while getting ready to try the seeds. Its a DHE, ergot derivative that could help. Its not cheap though unless you have insurance. (that doesnt make it cheap I guess, just makes the high cost paid by someone else) We dont suggest going out to buy mushrooms. It just isnt the way to go. The best way to get your hands on them is to grow them yourself. All the supplies you need can be found at Home depot, Ace Hardware and your local grocery store. The only thing that needs to be ordered are the spores and they are legal to purchase online. Bob
  4. Psiloscribe

    Thots from a Buster

    The dilution FunGuy speaks of is this; From the beginning we have concentrated on psychedelic treatments. This includes finding ways of making detoxing a little easier. It involved helping people with 02 instructions, etc. The reason we have mode so much progress over the years has been our collective drive to help others and find better treatments. For the most part though, these refined or different treatments have revolved around, and evolved from, psychedelics. The reason we discovered LSA was as an offshoot of mushrooms. Someone in the Netherlands could not completely end his cycle with mushrooms, could not find LSD and his wife, a med student, found that Rivea Corymbosa seeds and Hawaiian Baby Woodrose seeds contained something similar to LSD. They tried them first for clusters. They worked. We added an LSA FAQ. Someone was experiencing anxiety while doing mushrooms and someone else researched the problem and suggested skullcap. Someone was looking for a way to treat low level hits between doses and others suggested Ginger. The list goes on and on and all the work done can be found on the FAQs. The discovery of BOL was based upon trying to refine the psychedelic treatments. We have made these strides because we have concentrated upon refining the psychedelic treatments. There was never a list of medications that could possibly block the psychedelic treatments. There was a LOT of work involved in finding these things out. I wonder if the medical community has looked at some of these things as closely as we have. I wonder how many people that have had Imitrex fail for them, were also on either steroids or opiates for unrelated conditions. With all the meds I was on over the years, I never had a doctor mention that one could be blocking the efficacy of another. I now know that to be the case, based upon the work by so many in this group. Yes, it is a fine line and it may not be clear to discern but the focus of the group does become blurred at times. We knew that opening up a public board would change things. Those that have been around since the yahoo days can easily see the changes. Message boards ALWAYS evolve. Not always for the better but there are trade offs. The fact that we are now reaching many more people than we had in the past is the most important. If we can do that AND continue to make progress towards better cluster treatments, we will all be happy. Carry on, we still have a lot of work to do. Bob The real one ;-) P.S. The general support here IS very important. Whether it is a poem or a shoulder to cry upon or a suggestion to try Skullcap. It always HAS been important and always will be. We're all here to help people not only survive this affliction but to improve quality of life. One that everyone deserves.
  5. If you are coming to the conference and havent made your reservations, i suggest you do so asap. The cut off is Monday the 15 of August. If you are still considering it but not sure, maybe consider making the reservations and if you need to cancel, you can do that.... See you all soon, Bob
  6. Psiloscribe

    Hotel rate cut-off

    Yes more rooms have been added so if anyone has problems, let me know. PJ, you do not have to stay at that hotel to attend the conference. They just offer a reduced rate for people going to the conference. Bob
  7. Psiloscribe

    Re: Midway Airport

    Anyone that is flying into Midway should let us know here. The shuttle is a good idea but a little pricey. if you shuttle from Midway to o'hare you can then take the hotel shuttle to the Sheridan. If anyone needs a ride, let us know and someone WILL come and get you. Post here or PM me. Thanks folks.... Bob
  8. We have a couple of offers of paid registrations to help anyone that would like to come but the cost of registration is holding them back. If this will help, let me know in a PM. There is no formal application for scholarships so just let me know in a PM here. Thank you VERY much to the people that have offered this. Its very thoughtful. Bob Getting close people!!!!!
  9. Wow, thank you very much. I would think that the auction would be the way to go. (Unless someone posts here or contacts me/you) We could then post information here and people could advertise among themselves, social media etc and get more people to visit the auction site. Let me know if there is anything we can do. Thanks again very much. It is an incredibly generous offer. Bob
  10. Psiloscribe

    Clusterbuster Jam band?

    A good fiddle can rock the house.....Just ask Melloncamp and CDB.....and.... Bob
  11. Psiloscribe

    van Gemert method

    I wouldnt put much stock in anything like this. I think Potter has the right idea Bob
  12. Psiloscribe

    Need advice

    So far, the odds are that you are not chronic. It takes a year to know for sure. Lithium can help chronics but is mostly useless for episodics. One problem starting lithium now is that that if your cycle ends sometime soon, (even on its own) you may end up being on Lithium much longer than you need to be. Just flat out asking doctors about if you should use mushrooms will almost certainly get you an answer of no. Even from ones that support it. Check out our files section and find some of the reports, research papers etc and bring them in and just ask for an opinion. More often than not the opinion is: Its all very interesting and may work well for you. it all makes sense since they are in the ergot-triptan family. But I can't recommend that you use them" Bob
  13. Psiloscribe


    Yes Kyle, there will be documention and printed materials that people can take home and bring to thier doctors for discussing these treatments. Bob
  14. Anyone here have any experience in writing or editing medical research articles? If so,or if you know someone, please let me know in a PM. Thanks Bob
  15. Ok, thanks folks.....I'll get working on it now that I'm back.... Appreciate it ;-) Bob
  16. Psiloscribe

    I got to meet Bob, Kaboom, Guissepi'n Brew (!)

    Thanks everyone, very much. The conference went very well. An excellent weekend for sure. More details on that later...... As to the posters, I should have known......I pair a couple of assistants......one a BREW,ery and someone that goes Kaboom.......and i shouldn't expect things to fall down?? At least my Powerpoint performed without a hitch. Thanks to everyone that helped make for a fabulous weekend. Bob
  17. It is a good idea. Thanks for bringing it up. We have talked about this in the past. We have actually sold a couple of different things over the years... I had begun setting up an account with a company that deals in this sort of thing also. Its always just been a matter of time.... and not having enough Volunteers?? Bob
  18. Psiloscribe

    Psychedelic Medicine (Book)

    I know the author. he actually spoke at one of the Clusterbuster conferences. There is a section on treating clusters with psilocybin and LSD. Clusterbusters is mentioned We have auctione off a couple sets at the conferences. Stop in and maybe you can get a deal ;-) Bobw
  19. Psiloscribe

    Reform Conference

    People have been trying to get me to reform for years now. Maybe this is my opportunity Bob
  20. See the link for the complete story http://news.sciencemag.org/sciencenow/2011/06/lsd-alleviates-suicide-headaches.html 27 June 2011 LSD Alleviates 'Suicide Headaches' by Kai Kupferschmidt BERLIN—Patients suffering from the agony of cluster headaches will take anything to dull the pain, even LSD, it turns out. Results from a pilot study presented here on Saturday at the International Headache Congress reveal that six patients treated with 2-bromo-LSD, a nonhallucinogenic analog of LSD, showed a significant reduction in cluster headaches per day; some were free of the attacks for weeks or months. "Some of these patients are still reporting significant relief more than a year after they were treated with the compound," says John Halpern, a psychiatrist at Harvard Medical School in Boston and one of the investigators involved in the study. "Nobody has ever reported these kinds of results."
  21. Psiloscribe

    Life needs an update

    Very happy for you Ting. Looking forward to seeing you in Chicago in September Bob Wait until you update on Chicago Food!!!
  22. Psiloscribe

    Science Magazine - BOL

    Please read the linked story and feel free to leave a comment. The more interest that is shown in a story, the more likely it is to invite continued coverage and followup stories. Bob
  23. The following article touches on many different topics that are you may fiond interesting. There seems to be an increasing pushback on anti-depressants – there’s reason to believe that most of their effect is a gigantic placebo phenomenon, there’s reason to believe they screw up your brain, and there’s also reason to believe the ‘chemical imbalance’ theory of depression has never been proven. This is a review of several recent books that are critical of the pharmaceutical industry: http://www.nybooks.com/articles/archives/2011/jun/23/epidemic-mental-illness-why/ Not that I wanted to post this to take a shot at the Pharma industry, but there is intersting stuff here including how the brain/neurotransmitters work and a little about how new drugs come to market. Both things that are important here. Enjoy, and try not to let it depress you... ;-) Bob
  24. Psiloscribe

    2011 conference - update jan 30

    Yes there will be plenty of 02 around. Bob
  25. Psiloscribe

    Another suicide

    Jerry, Let me clear up a few misconceptions. In the early days, yes i did have a difficult time getting mainstream doctors to listen to the evidence, but, I would consider The Harvard Medical School and the Hannover Medical School, legitimate medical professionals and they have been with us for years. The National Headache Foundation which is one of the country's most prestigious headache/medical organizations, has not only sent us speakers but has helped at out conferences, for years now. Doctors that didnt want to answer our emails in the beginning have come a long way. They are now not only presenting at our conferences, but are paying to attend the conferences to learn about our methods. Other mainstream doctors are "participating" in other ways that I'd rather not elaborate upon. As to Dr Goadsby, he has given many conflicting/morphing opinions of psilocybin for clusters. You may be surprised to learn that he was listed as an investigator on the psilocybin study planned at Harvard. He has said its worth investigating which is why he is on the team. I DO look forward to speaking with him (and you) in Nashville. See you in Nashville. Bob