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    2009 Clusterbuster Conference report

    Great to hear Cat. Bob
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    jimmy's ready to say hi

    Hi Jimmy, Yes, the 02 out of the bottle is very dry. Some people add a "bubbler" to add humidity. You can soak the seeds for an hour in water, and you'll have similar results. Good luck, Bob
  3. Psiloscribe

    my night :-)

    well, you ARE a fun guy!! ;-) Thanks for not making this into a powerpoint presentation with pictures!!! LOL B~ Hang in there!!
  4. Yep, it's been sitting around gathering dust since the 50s just like LSD, and for the same reasons for the most part. There is some question as to whether we can get it manufactured in the States without going through everything we have to go through for LSD. The reason being that to make BOL, you must first make LSD, which as we all know, is not legal to do. Hoops Hoops hoops....Where's Michael Jordan when ya need 'em. If you check out the 2-Bromo thread in this section, you'll find the info on Sansert vs. Bromo Bob
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    Hello Everyone..

    Hi Barry. Happy to have you here. Bob And hello to the rest of you too!!
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    Lily Was Here

    Alright!! Now THAT was a treat. Bob
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    The sooner we raise the funds for the next round of trials, the sooner it will be ready for prime time! Thanks for the plug for the paypal donation button ;-) Something somewhat similar was tried in the past and some people are still using it (mostly outside the US) called Sansert. I looked at this comparisson very closely with Dr. Passie to see what makes the BOL better and safer. Sansert can be a fairly effective preventive for some people but it needs to be used every day. There are relatively few side effects if Sansert is used for less than 6 months at a time. After that, it can have some very destructive side effects. BOL on the other hand is only used a few times to break the cycle just as the other "Clusterbuster" methods. Based upon earlier research with BOL, it appears very safe. Based upon our work at Hannover, BOL appears very effective. Much more effective than Sansert (or anything else for that matter) and only needing to be used rarely. It is not a daily preventive. Color us ALL stoked ;-) Bobw
  8. Psiloscribe

    National Geographic Special

    A review in the NY Times http://www.nytimes.com/2009/11/01/arts/01weekahead.html?_r=1 Television Neil Genzlinger “The brown acid that is circulating around us is not specifically too good,” an announcer memorably intoned all those years ago at Woodstock, magnifying LSD’s already bad reputation among Establishment Americans. If hippie freaks were warning other hippie freaks away from it, it must be nasty stuff indeed. Now, as the 40th anniversary of Woodstock fades in the rearview mirror, the National Geographic Channel is giving LSD a second chance, as it were. On Tuesday night in its “Explorer” series, “INSIDE LSD” talks to scientists and therapists who are examining the narcotic anew, trying to learn specifically how it works in the brain and whether it might have uses that Jerry Garcia never envisioned. The program, as its narrator, Peter Coyote, says, is an attempt “to separate the myth from the molecule.” One segment explores the possibility that some form of LSD could help sufferers of cluster headaches, and its footage of one such sufferer in the throes of an attack leaves you wishing the poor fellow relief no matter where it might come from. In another part of the program, a woman with terminal cancer talks about how an LSD trip helped her break free of the anxiety about death that was consuming her final months. “It was my faith coming back to me,” she says, describing the feeling brought on by the drug. “My faith that there’s something out there."
  9. Psiloscribe

    National Geographic Special

    Hopefully it will be available elsewhere. There are a lot of people that won't get this channel. I imagine there will be DVDs available through NG and I know others will be recording it. Hopefully we will have more than a short piece at the end. Should be good!!! Bobw Welcome to the new board everyone!!