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    First bust from my own crop

    Easiest way to make a tea bag is with a coffee filter. Bob
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    Conference Hotel Room Cut Off

    We are getting down to the wire folks. The cutoff date for booking rooms at the Rio at our VERY reduced rate is August 19th. They have a large convention going on at the same time so they won't be holding any extra rooms for us. If you are thinking about going, I would suggest booking asap. We know it's difficult for Clusterheads to book anything too far in advance but if you need to cancel, thats better than waiting and paying nearly double. The link for booking is: https://www.totalrewards.com/hotel-reservations/main/?propCode=RLV&groupCode=SRCNP2 Bob
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    2012 Conference chatter

    Anyone thinking about going and haven't booked your rooms yet, I would suggest you do so soon. The cut off date is fast approaching and they will want any rooms left in our block back. There are some other large conventions going on there. You can always cancel if you need to so I'd hate to see some of you having to pay almost double for rooms.
  4. Anyone considering attending should register and book a room as soon as possible. Rooms are limited and the cut-off date for the reduced rate is fast approaching. We will also be announcing additions to the programs shortly. Hope to see a lot of you there. I heard there is a party in FunGuys room. ;-) http://events.r20.constantcontact.com/register/event?oeidk=a07e5laz9vf2d3c9cfa&llr=asfwt7iab
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    As I contemplate my 30th anniversary...

    Thanks Brew. Important stuff... Happy Anniversary Bob
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    Medication Research Study

    A Cluster Headache Medication Survey ClusterBusters, a non-profit cluster headaches advocacy and education group, is now offering cluster headache patients the opportunity to participate in an on-line survey regarding the treatment effectiveness of the various medications and strategies used to treat cluster headaches. You do not need to have tried or used any specific treatment to participate and the survey is applicable to both episodic and chronic persons. This survey will include commonly prescribed traditional medicines (including abortive and preventative medications), various surgical procedures non-traditional medications to alleviate cluster headache. The link to the survey is below. Cluster headache is a rare disorder and poorly understood and there are very few studies/surveys regarding the effectiveness of the medications or treatments. The data from this survey will be summarized by a neurologist specializing in cluster headaches, will be submitted to a medical journal and will be used for presentations at medical conferences to educate other medical professionals. If you are a cluster headache patient, please complete the survey as your participation could potentially assist other cluster headache patients and medical professionals in determining the most effective treatment for cluster headache patients. Please note, it will take 25 to 40 minutes to complete this survey, as it is extensive. Once started you will be unable to save and return later, so please allow sufficient time to complete the survey in one sitting. Survey Link: http://survey.constantcontact.com/survey/a07e5lc5y7agyhhgd2b/start All survey answers and information will be held in strict confidence. For further information please contact us: Email: info@clusterbusters.com Web Site: clusterbusters.com Message Board: http://clusterbusters.clusterheadaches.com/
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    Interesting radio broadcast on clusters and seeds

    Just to set the record straight and give credit where credit is due: The discovery of using LSA containing seeds to treat cluster headaches was made by a Clusterbuster supporter named Hannah, from the Netherlands. Her husband was using mushrooms to treat his clusters and was only getting about 80% relief. Wonderful in itself but she wanted to try breaking the cycle completely. Not having access to LSD, but being a med student, SHE did the research and found the connections to the seeds. They tried the seeds and broke his cycle. Proving again that we ARE our own best advocates. Following this discovery, many others tried them and had success. Long after this, Clusterbusters and MAPS hired paid Dr. Sewell to complete the study on seeds that was mentioned. OUCH UK, not only had nothing to do with this but has long had the policy (which they are entitled to) against ANY connection to ANY of the psychedelics as treatments and forced out any members that tried to post about these treatments. This discovery of the seeds became a very important issue to many in the UK. Early on, mushrooms were actually available at all the local shops in the UK. People with clusters were able to jump on their bikes and ride down the the corner mart and buy what they needed. This suddenly changed during an election year (Tony Blair) and England banned the shrooms in a "get tough on drugs" move for re-election. Many people that were successfully treating their clusters, had no where to turn. Hannah's discovery came just in time for people to switch over to seeds through mail order. Certainly saving more lives than a ban on mushrooms EVER will. So, Hannah, wherever you are: Cheers!!!! Bob
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    Interesting radio broadcast on clusters and seeds

    Thank you for posting this. Funny how the story of how LSA seeds came into use changes. Bobw
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    A while ago

    The man behind the cutain is not the illuminati. Just a carpenter from Chicago.
  10. Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration Washington, DC March 26, 2012 Cluster headaches inflict much more than just physical pain. With a nickname of “Suicide Headaches”, the resulting psychological toll speaks for itself. For this reason, a meeting was arranged with a director of the Suicide Prevention Department at the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration in Washington, D.C.. (www.samhsa.gov) SAMHSA works with various agencies (including the National Institute of Mental Health) to develop suicide prevention plans. They have created the National Suicide Hotline and also fund grants for research/education which help people *before* they get to the point of considering suicide. During this meeting Kim Robbins, Dr. Larry Schor and I were able to openly discuss with SAMHSA the devastating impact our disorder has on sufferers and the hopelessness many feel. It is a known fact that persons who endure chronic pain often experience depression and anxiety, which can lead to medication overuse, alcohol dependence, and substance abuse. We addressed the desperation those with cluster headaches often feel due to lack of effective medical treatments and that many feel forced into resorting to hallucinogens, which have been proven to effectively treat cluster headaches. With a suicide rate at over 200 times the national average, for many sufferers the choice comes down to two things - taking risks of treatment with illegal substances or permanently ending their pain. There are many good reasons to work with SAMSHA. They have a substantial influence with agencies involved research and are eager to work with us to educate operators of the National Suicide Hotlines. Likely, the people who answer these critical calls have no knowledge of cluster headaches, which could potentially escalate the distress of a sufferer who calls in – especially if they were given advice about a common migraine. Currently, we are involved in the development of a cluster headache fact sheet and discussion point materials which will then be disseminated by SAMHSA to the operators of the suicide hotlines. We ARE known as the “suicide headache” and there are groups that want to help prevent suicide. As you can see, our advocacy efforts have vastly expanded over the past year. Our goal is to help people with clusters and their families, and help doesn’t always mean finding the next medication. Much can be done to improve the quality of life for people with clusters while we wait for a drug or treatment that works. Since the time Clusterbusters was created we have relied solely on volunteers and free will donations to support our involvement in education, research and advocacy.  But, as you can see, there is so much work to do! We are speaking with people now regarding the need for grants to expand our education efforts, (educating the hotlines, doctors and the public), to create diagnostic tools, and to continue being involved in research leading to effective treatment programs. The best way to eliminate the threat of suicide is to eliminate the pain. Thank you everyone for supporting Clusterbusters. Very importantly, thank you for getting involved in helping other sufferers through message boards, support groups, and social media such as Facebook. We’re all in this together! Bob
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    please help

    Is that how you measure ALL your medications? By what looks like enough? Bob >
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    Awww, shucks and Pshaw, 8-) Thank you everyone. It was a good day. It's my grandson's 1st Birthday also. Get to share my day! But thank you all for the very kind words. Bob
  13. Oh Yeah, you can pay there, but try paying BEFORE hitting the tables...... I've had that plan before LOL There will be plenty to do besides gambling. No need to stay in the room, even if the pit bosses won't let you near the Blackjack tables again ;D Bob
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    SAMHSA ~ Advocacy & Education

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    Reform Conference

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    Conference Photos

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    Advocacy project, Wash DC.

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  18. As discussed at our conference in September, Clusterbusters will be joining with the Alliance for Headache Disorder Advocacy group during a trip to Washington DC. The date of Headache on the Hill this year is March 26 and 27th, 2012. This is the 5th year the Alliance will be going to Dc to fight for improved research on Headache disorders. This is the first year that Clusterbusters will be taking an active role in the project. The goal this year will be to push for senate hearings on the need for increased funding for headache research. The current budget numbers are pitiful. Additional information on the Alliance can be found here: http://www.allianceforheadacheadvocacy.org/ Please consider joining us in DC and raising some....awareness. A committee has been formed and you will be hearing more details from them soon. They will be co-ordinating the trip. We are working closely with the Alliance and you will also be able to get additional details on their website (above). There may be scholarships available to help people with costs so if that is something that might help get you there, stay tuned. There will be training sessions in DC prior to meeting with the representatives and all appointments are set up in advance by the Alliance. We will be looking for people from as many states as possible. People will be paired up with others from your state and if possible with doctors/researchers during the meetings. I hope to see a lot of you in DC and we'll make some Cluster noise!!! Bobw
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    Medication Research Study

    Thank you everyone for an outstanding response so far. The great numbers of responders has our medical professionals excited. I know there are a lot of surveys out there. Thank you all again for taking the time to complete the survey. As to what was and what wasn't included; that was all decided upon with the advice of those medical professionals that are involved. One thing (among many) we are looking to see is how the "real life" numbers compare with "published" and advertised efficacy rates. Especially when it comes to clusters, much of the published rates and even the clinical trial data was taken from small sample sizes. This is the first in what will be a series of surveys that we hope will produce some very specific improvements in cluster headache treatment. Bob
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    Any mycologists here?

    yep, those are mushrooms. Not the good kind.....not good for salad OR clusters. Psilocybe mushrooms, among other things, will "bruise blue" when you touch the stalk, as the psilocybin oxidizes. Even that does not guarantee they are safe. Its really tough "accurately" identifying mushrooms from a picture. Bob
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    Advocacy Report

    Since the Advocacy category is a new one one the board, i wanted to point out that there is a new report posted regarding the Headache on the Hill trip, in the Advocacy, Events and Conferences category. Please keep an eye on this section as there will be a number of updates and reports coming soon. Bob
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    support group

    LSD was discovered while Hofmann was working on migraine and cluster treatments. The first recorded "buster" story about treating migraines with psilocybin was long ago and again, a little like Hofmann's accidental discovery. The wife of a cluster sufferer (a migraine sufferer herself) was chopping up the dried mushrooms to prepare a dose of tea for her husband. She absorbed enough psilocybin through her fingertips to abort the migraine she was experiencing at the time, and kept them away for an extended time. Many people report this method helps a great deal with migraines and at even lower doses than cluster peeps use. Bob
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    Clusterbusters is saddened by the recent announcement that OUCH U.S. has made the decision to close. OUCH was formed at a time when there was no organization to turn to for cluster headache support. There was no united voice. Born of an idea to get recognition and help for cluster headache sufferers when it was hard enough to just find ANYONE else with clusters, let alone find a doctor that had ever even heard of the disorder. Over the years, OUCH members have devoted thousands of hours of hard work dedicated to helping others. Because of their efforts, lives were changed...lives were saved. Everyone involved should feel proud about stepping up and making a difference. The hardest work is done when there is no network to rely upon. To change just one life for the better is an accomplishment of which to be proud. To change the landscape of how the suffering of a subset of worldwide human beings is viewed, treated, heard, and most importantly respected, is not only admirable, but heroic. Thank you all for supporting and improving the lives of so many. Bob Wold Clusterbusters
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    Sasha Shulgin

    Sasha and his wife have certaibnly done wonderful work that has changed the lives of many, for the better. I am attending a fundraising event in May for him. It takes all kinds of people with diverse ideas and opinions to improve the world and move forward. Shulgin is certainly one of those that moved the world forward. Thanks for posting, Bob