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  1. Thought i'd put this on the General Board since its not about "official" conference info. Wondering who is going and why..... Also, for those that have attended one of our conferences, what is your favorite memory, presentation or experience. (or all the above) One of my favorite presentors wasn't a professional but was KaBoom's daughter Bailey. A very brave and well done presentation that touched upon the importance of family and the importance of support. It IS our best medicine. Some of our best moments don't always occur in the meeting rooms. One of my best was a large group of u
  2. Anyone considering attending should register and book a room as soon as possible. Rooms are limited and the cut-off date for the reduced rate is fast approaching. We will also be announcing additions to the programs shortly. Hope to see a lot of you there. I heard there is a party in FunGuys room. ;-) http://events.r20.constantcontact.com/register/event?oeidk=a07e5laz9vf2d3c9cfa&llr=asfwt7iab
  3. Thanks Brew. Important stuff... Happy Anniversary Bob
  4. Clusterbusters has been officially accepted as a full member of the (ADHA) Alliance for Headache Disorders Advocacy. http://www.allianceforheadacheadvocacy.org/who_is.htm We believe this is a big step forward for Clusterbusters. Our admittance into the Alliance, which consists of some of the most prestigious cluster and headache specialists and organizations in the U.S., signals a willingness and desire of mainstream medicine to work alongside Clusterbusters. I would like to thank all the people that have worked so hard over the years to make this possible. We have certainly come a long
  5. Just to set the record straight and give credit where credit is due: The discovery of using LSA containing seeds to treat cluster headaches was made by a Clusterbuster supporter named Hannah, from the Netherlands. Her husband was using mushrooms to treat his clusters and was only getting about 80% relief. Wonderful in itself but she wanted to try breaking the cycle completely. Not having access to LSD, but being a med student, SHE did the research and found the connections to the seeds. They tried the seeds and broke his cycle. Proving again that we ARE our own best advocates. Follo
  6. Thank you for posting this. Funny how the story of how LSA seeds came into use changes. Bobw
  7. The man behind the cutain is not the illuminati. Just a carpenter from Chicago.
  8. Its not often, if at all that a celebrity admits to clusters.... How will Daniel Radcliffe's fans react to his latest turn - as a ... The Independent "I was in the middle of these weird things called 'cluster headaches'," he explains. "It's very rare evidently, but it's exceptionally painful. http://www.independent.co.uk/news/people/profiles/how-will-daniel-radcliffes-fans-react-to-his-latest-turn--as-a-damaged-drugtaking-beatnik-poet-7848568.html Bob
  9. Is that how you measure ALL your medications? By what looks like enough? Bob >
  10. Awww, shucks and Pshaw, 8-) Thank you everyone. It was a good day. It's my grandson's 1st Birthday also. Get to share my day! But thank you all for the very kind words. Bob
  11. Oh Yeah, you can pay there, but try paying BEFORE hitting the tables...... I've had that plan before LOL There will be plenty to do besides gambling. No need to stay in the room, even if the pit bosses won't let you near the Blackjack tables again ;D Bob
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  15. Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration Washington, DC March 26, 2012 Cluster headaches inflict much more than just physical pain. With a nickname of “Suicide Headaches”, the resulting psychological toll speaks for itself. For this reason, a meeting was arranged with a director of the Suicide Prevention Department at the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration in Washington, D.C.. (www.samhsa.gov) SAMHSA works with various agencies (including the National Institute of Mental Health) to develop suicide prevention plans. They have created
  16. Thank you everyone for an outstanding response so far. The great numbers of responders has our medical professionals excited. I know there are a lot of surveys out there. Thank you all again for taking the time to complete the survey. As to what was and what wasn't included; that was all decided upon with the advice of those medical professionals that are involved. One thing (among many) we are looking to see is how the "real life" numbers compare with "published" and advertised efficacy rates. Especially when it comes to clusters, much of the published rates and even the clinical tria
  17. A Cluster Headache Medication Survey ClusterBusters, a non-profit cluster headaches advocacy and education group, is now offering cluster headache patients the opportunity to participate in an on-line survey regarding the treatment effectiveness of the various medications and strategies used to treat cluster headaches. You do not need to have tried or used any specific treatment to participate and the survey is applicable to both episodic and chronic persons. This survey will include commonly prescribed traditional medicines (including abortive and preventative medications), various surgi
  18. yep, those are mushrooms. Not the good kind.....not good for salad OR clusters. Psilocybe mushrooms, among other things, will "bruise blue" when you touch the stalk, as the psilocybin oxidizes. Even that does not guarantee they are safe. Its really tough "accurately" identifying mushrooms from a picture. Bob
  19. Since the Advocacy category is a new one one the board, i wanted to point out that there is a new report posted regarding the Headache on the Hill trip, in the Advocacy, Events and Conferences category. Please keep an eye on this section as there will be a number of updates and reports coming soon. Bob
  20. Washington D.C. “Headache on the Hill” March 26 -27, 2012 Headache on the Hill is an annual event organized by the Alliance for Headache Disorders Advocacy during which healthcare professionals, scientists, and patient advocates urge congressional representatives to increase NIH (National Institute of Health) funding for research on headache disorders. This year, Clusterbusters joined efforts with the AHDA to bring specific awareness to the lack of cluster headache research and the dire need for effective medical treatment. Out of a total of 62 participants (including 25 M
  21. LSD was discovered while Hofmann was working on migraine and cluster treatments. The first recorded "buster" story about treating migraines with psilocybin was long ago and again, a little like Hofmann's accidental discovery. The wife of a cluster sufferer (a migraine sufferer herself) was chopping up the dried mushrooms to prepare a dose of tea for her husband. She absorbed enough psilocybin through her fingertips to abort the migraine she was experiencing at the time, and kept them away for an extended time. Many people report this method helps a great deal with migraines and at even
  22. Sasha and his wife have certaibnly done wonderful work that has changed the lives of many, for the better. I am attending a fundraising event in May for him. It takes all kinds of people with diverse ideas and opinions to improve the world and move forward. Shulgin is certainly one of those that moved the world forward. Thanks for posting, Bob
  23. Clusterbusters is saddened by the recent announcement that OUCH U.S. has made the decision to close. OUCH was formed at a time when there was no organization to turn to for cluster headache support. There was no united voice. Born of an idea to get recognition and help for cluster headache sufferers when it was hard enough to just find ANYONE else with clusters, let alone find a doctor that had ever even heard of the disorder. Over the years, OUCH members have devoted thousands of hours of hard work dedicated to helping others. Because of their efforts, lives were changed...lives were sa
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