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  1. my friend has TM, we share same nuerosurgeon. She has had 12 surgeries in 12 months, my surgeon has called it a sucide disease,.....my friend says,....she thinks mine is worse but I believe she is being humble. Personally...it dont matter, we both suffer. I have an immense respect for her as she is a fighter and wont give up until she gets relief. 28 yrs old...

    She knows what I go through. Visa versa. I dont wish what either  we have on anyone

  2. my only pet peeve is other Cluster Heads jamming down my throat that Shrooms are a cure when its not. Its a bandaid.

    And I am not even going to argue the benfits of it.

    Its all about choice. My body My choice.

    I do not condone nor condemn what you do with your body because thats exactly what it is...Your body.

    I hate it when Youtubers(cowards behind computers) tell me how to live my life calling me an idiot for my choices.

    I joined this site because we are sick, share a common goal.

    Its like me tell you to be christian...You choice, your faith or no faith....right?

    Then why do these selfish idiots hide behind their screens and call me an idiot for choosing DBS or not to do shrooms?

    I would never call anyone an idiot for finding releif or to get away from pain...

    Some people I tell ya...(shake head).

    ever hear of coexisting instead of ramming your opinion down someones throat???Especially when we didnt ask for it?

    We should just all know we are here to support one another whether you do shrooms or not...agreed?

  3. Over 100,000 hits and more on my YouTube Videos...

    and maybe 10 douche bags write silly comments. Never bothers me. Only once it did when the COWARD wished it upon my son...That guy would have chicklets for teeth if I ever saw him...

    So other day I get this message from this clown...made me laugh. Since I edit everything and screen what gets uploaded for comments. I decided to feed into this persons comments allowing them, I laughed at first. My son shook his head and asked why idiots say these things when dad is doing this to help....and then my wife says it was probably your ex friends...

    I am posting the conversation for your entertainment(shake head). I am not feeding into this guy...Im just shocked at cowards behind keyboards...now really would they say this if I was their son, brother ,father,? Here it is...

    910085 1 week ago

    Haha this dude is a[ch65279] bad actor,he needs to go back to school

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    ClusterHeadSurvivor 22 hours ago

    yup. I faked 8 years of waking[ch65279] up and screaming my head off. I lost a career,douche bag friends, and ex wife, had 4 brain surgeries to post a video online JUST FOR YOU !!! Im glad You figured me out.

    (shake head)....why dont you educate yourself and learn something before writing something you know nothing about.....I cant help but laugh at you and feel sorry for you

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    910085 17 hours ago

    I know you faked it thats why i said your a bad[ch65279] actor,u really need to grow up,there is people out there who really have this problem!

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    ClusterHeadSurvivor 1 second ago

    Coward behind a keyboard. I only "allowed" you comments[ch65279] because the world knows what is fake and what is real. YOu have had your fun now....God bless

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  4. I started a "Pay It Forward" with the book. This girl I used to communicate with in BC was having a tough time. I bought a copy, wrote an inspcription in the front...Since 100% of the books net profits go to the Michael J Fox Foundation for Parkinsons you can only by the book once. So  I asked her to read the book, make a donation to the MJJF, and then mail it to any other sick person she knew of anywhere in the world. So it started here in LOndon On, and last I heard was in Georgia.

    Each person made a donation and got "something" from the book as I had hoped.

    Glad your reading it.

    I hope it serves you well.

    Hope you feel better too.

  5. Holy SH*T Pat,,,,,Im here if you ever need to talk.

    I can not relate to "Busting" but I have wanted to die in Dec 09, I weighed what was better my son  seeing my suffer or being without a dad. I chose my son. My faith in god helped as well.

    I am not here to judge, pass judgement, recommend drugs or therapy.  I am here as a friend. A chronic survivor, to talk too.


    please skim through. If one single blog helps you, then It was all worth it...Please have a looksy...PM if you want.

    Reading your story brought back alot of memories for me.

    If you would have asked me in Dec 09 if I would be here today where I am today in my personal life. I would have told you that your nuts...IM glad I chose to live. Im still sick but i am alive inside...

    You are in my prayers,God Bless you


  6. my friend has Trigeminal Nueralgia. I have CCH. During her brain surgery (DBS), she got an attacl(because your awake).

    They had to stop and restart surgery for her.

    She is 28, and has had 12 surgeries in 12 months.

    I have had 4 in 12 months.

  7. My sons cousin was murdered last year and I had to tell him. One of hardest things I have ever had to do. Seeing him cry like that tore me in half. Loosing her sucked no matter how you looked at it. I had to constantly remind myself despite all the negativity in the world that there is far more good than evil. It kept me focused and got me through. Keeping busy, hobby, work, playtime helps as well

    Just know....the attack will be over...and enjoy your time when not surviving an attack.

    Sorry for your loss

  8. My ex wife would slam the door and leave and yel cant deal with this sh*t. My beautiful bride now asks me if we should cancel....night and day difference.

    I lost what I thought were my 2 closest best buds who didnt even have enough gonads to visit me during my 1 of 4 brain surgeries.

    The disease takes far more than our health

    perhaps...maybe she just had a bad day,.

    I have CH,. it does not have me. I do my best to keep living.

    Hope things work out for ya

  9. 100% agreeable crying, sad, emotions ALWAYS get hit with a Kip 10. I was flipping through slides the other day(had those in 70s) and found a bunch of old family photos of me, dad and my brother. I havent spoken to my brother in10 years and my dad hasnt spoken to him in 16. My dad has since gotten cancer,beaten it but had a full lyrengectomy. I have CH and 4 brain surgeries. Looking back at all the pics got me thinking...of days when we all spoke, no one was sick, we enjoyed ecahothers company, no one was bitter....I balled all night. 1am...the mothership of all attacks(probably top3 worst attack of all time I have had)Wife said it was worst she ever saw me have..I damn well know it was from the pictures going down memory lane.

    I am an emotional perosn to begin with. I wear my heart on my sleeve anyway. I get sad if I see a homeless person hungry.....so I get attacks. ahhhg

  10. Biebers hometown...20 min from my house. My son.Justin Beiber,Ryan Gosling,Rachel MacAdams all born same hospital room

    Burton Cummings is still rocking the house

    Wayne Gretzkys home 1 hr from here-Brantford Ont

    his dad Walter is always here doing pr work for Parkinsons

    Alan Thicke went to school here as did Jenny Jones.

    Rachel MacAdams always in town,lives in Toronto and her parents 15 min from me. Same house.

    Penecilin was born here

    We have world renoun hospitals here, best nuerosurgeons on the planet aka my DBS.

    I am 2 hrs from Detroit, 2 Hours from Toronto and have a beach 45 min each side from me on Lake Huron or Lake Erie

  11. From us Canucks, we wish you a happy 4th of July.

    My favourite country next to mine.


    I love americans and the states ! Beautiful country. From mountains to oceans, to stars iin Hollywood to the fellow Christians abroad, to the motor city, to the farm fields, to he beautiful sandy beaches in Florida to the desert in Arizona, to the Hoover Damn to Niagara Falls, from Statue of Liberty to DC, to every american who is patriotic who lives,dies and breaths for USA. I am proud as a Canadian to have you guys as our alies.

    God Bless

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