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    CDog got a reaction from ThatHurtsMyHead in I'm so excited I have to tell someone   
    I do the same with telemarketers, it is fun and oddly satisfying! Good for you...
    Just for fun, I did a live chat with them. Seemed to confuse the crap out of them. They wanted my email address so they could stop sending me emails! 
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    CDog got a reaction from CLUSTERMAN in Clomephine Citrate to break a cycle?   
    My neurologist had pointed this out to me. He was attending the AHS conference this week and there was supposed to be a presentation on it. I am waiting to hear more from him.
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    CDog reacted to BluesFan85 in My story, from headaches to heroin. Help Me!   
    Hey man I understand where your coming from.  I also am addicted to heroin.  I've been clean now for about 2 years I'm 31 years old.  I used drugs all high school I did everything imaginable on top of smoking an ounce or more of dank a week.  Anyways when I started getting the clusters really bad at 18 that's when I tried using heroin a lot for the pain not knowing it wasn't going to help.  Get help man.  I've been to jail many times and prison as well.  You ever have a cluster headache while your on a prison transport feet handcuffed to the floor and hands cuffed in front of you?  If you want to talk at all just hit me up I'm not gonna post my story whole story up and I'd rather just answer any questions you got if you have any at all.  I can probably answer any question you got, let me know.
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    CDog got a reaction from CHfather in Hot Sauce in the noce for Cluster Headaches   
    I have used a product called Sinus Buster, which is essentially pepper spray, for about three years. It works about 70% of the time. I had also heard about people using hot sauce under the tongue. I didn't think I could hold sauce that long, so I use atomic fireballs instead. Again, helps about 70% of the time.
    If I recall correctly, it was Ricardo that had mentioned the hot sauce.