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  1. Hi Tingeling!

    Not undermining Bobs work because it is tremendous and I wept several times during his presentation but YOU,  my friend,  have already STOOD UP!!!  I know that I am not alone in saying that your posts have both encouraged me and given me hope that this treatment works as well for me as it has for you!! 

    Dallas Denny

  2. Hey Birdman,

    Sorry the beast is back!!

    Although the mycobags are simple, they just didn't work well for me.  The PF Tek for BRF cakes is a fairly simple and fast method....maybe 8 to 9 weeks with ideal conditions.

    There is an excelent video of a pf tek version now on youtube.

    Part 1, 

    Part 2, 

    Part 3, 

    Part 4, 

    Good luck and PF wishes

    Dallas Denny

  3. Down to the wire now folks!!  Long range forecast looks good for next weekend so far....(but this is Texas)....so now for directions once ya'll hit Dallas.....

    If you're coming into town from the:

    West on eastbound I-20, proceed all the way to the I-175 interchange....

    South on northbound I-35 or I-45, take the ramp to eastbound I-20 and proceed to the I-175 interchange....

    West on eastbound I-30, proceed all the way thru Dallas to I-635 in Mesquite, take the southbound ramp and proceed to the I-175 interchange.....

    East on westbound I-30, take the southbound ramp to I-635 and proceed to the I-175 interchange...

    North on southbound I-75, take eastbound I-635 (at the Garland / Mesquite city borders the highway will curve to the right and become southbound) and proceed to the I-175 interchange....

    From the I-175 interchange take the east bound ramp towards Kaufman and proceed aprox 6 miles to the Kaufman St / Old Seagoville Rd exit  (you'll see the Federal Prison on your right just before the exit and the Best Western is directly accross the highway....

    If you're coming on to the house, continue on I-175 one more exit to Hall St, take the offramp and cross Hall St.  Proceed on the service road to the third street on the right which will be Farmers Rd and take a right there.  Come down two blocks and take a left on Meadow Grove Drive,  we're at the far end of the block on the right side, second house from the corner at 603.

    If anyone has a problem finding us, give me a call at 214.356.4477

    Dallas Denny

  4. This has been posted on CH.com for quite some time but thought would post here as well in case someone misses it there:

    My wife Cindy and I will be hosting the meet n greet in our home on the far SE side of Dallas on Sat Mar 20th and Sun the 21st.

    For sleeping accomodations there's a Best Western Executive Inn here in town about a mile from our place.  They gave me a tour of the rooms and it is a very nice, clean facility.  They have a free breakfast, free hard wired internet, and the ususal in room amenities (iron, board, coffee, safe, hair dryer, ect).  The normal weekend nite price for a single room with a king size bed is $65.oo + tax for a total of $72.57.  , and a double room with 2 queen size beds is $69.99 + tax for a total of $76.97

    If we book 10 rooms she will drop the price to $55 + tax for the double and $50 + tax for the single and if we end up booking over 10 rooms she will take care of the tax.  We didn't discuss the rate if we don't book 10 rooms but the owner seemed very nice and I feel sure she'll be fair in applying a proportional discount in that case.  We already have 4 that will need rooms so I didn't think 10 would be too much of a stretch to make with 2 months to go before the meet n greet.

    They have 4 double and 4 single (smoking allowed) rooms and they are all on the ground floor for those of ya'll that have to pray to the nicotine God on occasion like myself...lol.

    Best Western Executive Inn

    1910 N US Hwy 175

    Seagoville, TX  75159

    Direct Phone # 972-287-9100

    Reservations:  1-800-528-1234

    Our Reservation Code is    CHMNG

    Oh BTW, all ya'll rowdies might want to tone it down just a tad as the Seagoville Federal Detention Center is directly across the highway...LOL!!

    Our place in across the highway and about a mile east of the motel:    603 Meadow Grove Drive.

    Email to lonnyreddkaraoke@att.net or call 214.356.4477 if you need additional info.

    Dallas Denny

  5. G'mornin Sambo,

    Sorry ya had the need to find us but Welcome Home!!

    Inderal was the first med they tried on me over 25 years ago.  Can't say as I felt any effect from it good or bad.  Well, other than when I was in the ER with chest pain and was given a nitro pill under the tounge.  Found out in a hurry that blood thinners and nitro DO NOT mix well!!!

    I have used Verapamil in the past but never felt it helped me either, and along with CH-HELL, I don't know anything about the Trileptal I'm afraid so really can't offer advice there.

    The thing that struck me about your post is your having being diagnosed with a mood disorder after being chronic CH for 4 years.  I would venture to say that a majority of episodics with a cycle duration 3 to 4 months ( let alone a multi year chronic), are suffering from depression and/or moodiness by the peak of their cycles.  I am not a Doctor nor am I trying to second guess your personal diagnosis, however, if I were to be given that diagnosis in the middle of an episodic cycle, I would find it necessary to seek a second opinion before I added another medication to my regimen!  JMHO..

    That being said, I really hope you can find a combo that will work for you and give you some PF time soon.

    Best of Luck

    Dallas Denny

  6. Most of the posts I've seen list iamshaman.com as a good source for RC seeds.

    Read the LSA FAQ on the clusterbusters.com homepage for information on the seeds and the Mushroom FAQ for information on shrooms.

    Dallas Denny

  7. Hey Ya'll,

    I'm a classic country singer/musician here in Dallas and last week I went to a recording studio to discuss a new demo cd.  The owner turned me on to this video that he recorded and put on youtube for Big Dave....it ain't country but man, can this white boy ever sing the blues!!

    Dallas Denny

  8. From the time that my CH's started in 1983 until my last cycle prior to the one I am in now I always had somewhat of a handle on when to expect a cycle to start.  Cycles were anywhere from 10 to 14 weeks with a remission period of 10 to 18 months.

    When I was finally diagnosed with CH my neurologists told me that many people outgrew them in their late 50's.  So, when I didn't have the cycle I expected a couple of years ago when I turned 60, I thought maybe I had outlived the beast...yeah..riiightt....

    I did make it PF for almost 4 years before the start of this cycle. The timecycle for me has always been 5 to 7 weeks from the first "twinge" to the start of the peak, with the peak usually lasting another 5 to 6 weeks with 6 to 10 hits a day.  For me, it has always been like someone "turned off the water faucet", it goes from the 6 to 10 hits one day to maybe only 2 the next, then a PF day followed by 1 hit, a couple of PF days and then 1 hit and the cycle is over.  Usually no more than a week from end of peak to end of cycle.

    The difference in this cycle is that after having that predictable end of cycle week, the hits have now started up again and seem to be building in frequency and severity!

    After reading so many peoples storys about becoming chronic with CH, I gotta admit to having some real fear right now.  And to top it off, my wife is a hospice nurse and she got a new outpatient last week with history of CH.  He was episodic til his late 50's then went chronic until at 68 they just stopped. He has now been PF for over 10 years.....well....as PF as a 78 yo can be I guess....LOL

    I know the beast has his way with us in all different manners but was just curious about others experience that have gone from episodic to chronic.

    Wishing for PFDAN's for all

    Dallas Denny

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  9. Fantastic show!!  Thank you so much to anyone who helped to make it possible.  I'm gonna buy the DVD so the next time I'm in a situation explaining my CH and someone tells me "Oh yeah, I have migraines too", I'm gonna hogtie em and set em in front of the tube for a lesson on headaches   LOL. 

    Dallas Denny

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