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    dlnmerced reacted to ThatHurtsMyHead in Newbie with 02, increase in attacks, any advice/help?   
    Word of caution.  If you're going to try to use a SCUBA 2nd stage regulator.  First make sure it's rated for 100% O2 by the manufacturer.  Most are not and are manufactured with rubber O rings and pressure valves that are not O2 compatible.  They are also mostly lubricated with hydrocarbons that can spontaneously combust if exposed to 100% O2.  Once you verify that a manufacturer's regulator is O2 ready you should make sure it's O2 "Clean".  Most any SCUBA shop can O2 clean a regulator for you for a few bucks.
    I normally dive mixed gases and O2 clean gear is a must to prevent your gear from catching fire or malfunctioning.  Hydrocarbons can spontaneously combust in pressurized pure oxygen. 
    I don't mean to scare anyone, but using pressurized O2 should only be done with O2 certified and cleaned equipment.
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    dlnmerced got a reaction from Brain on fire in Newbie with 02, increase in attacks, any advice/help?   
    Being down under makes it a little more difficult. However, there is an inexpensive alternative demand valve you can try.
    Using a demand valve requires the demand valve, a pressure reducing regulator and a mask or  mouth tube.
    This dive regulator has a DISS connection.   If you get a welding tank you can use a standard 2 stage regulator to reduce the pressure to 50psi and hook the dive regulator to the output.
    Ebay.au dive regulator from China.

    welding regulator.
    In the USA we can buy medical regulators on ebay. Appartently they are not permitted down there.
    This medical regulator has DISS 50 PSI port under the pressure gauge in addition to the flow controlled port on the end.

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    dlnmerced got a reaction from Dandownunder in Newbie with 02, increase in attacks, any advice/help?   
    A mask like this one will fit into the dive regulator.
    Anesthesia mask
    These are just examples. You can do your own search to see what will be best for you.
    A medical demand valve can be pricey. medical demand valve. You would also need the DISS connection hose.
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    dlnmerced reacted to Dallas Denny in Newbie with 02, increase in attacks, any advice/help?   
    Hey Dan
    Let me shoot a message to our friend dinmerced and ask him to stop by....he is the demand valve procurement guru.....comes across some great deals pretty regularly
    Dallas Denny 
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    dlnmerced reacted to Jeffrey in 2018 Conference Room Share Thread   
    Heyyyyy.... Is there really no thread here?
    I may be able to share my room...
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    dlnmerced got a reaction from CHfather in 5-MeO-DALT expiry date?   
    For all, the only way to know for sure is to test drive what you have. If you have prior experience you know what side effects to expect. If you get them its still good.
    As with all tryptamines, 5-meo-dalt is best preserved in dry, dark and cool conditions. I have read that the shelf life in good conditions for the freebase form is 2 years. The salt (HCL) form is more stable and should last a good deal longer.
    The last batch from China was manufactured 7/2015. Most of what vendors had after the China ban of 10/2015 came from this batch and is the salt form. i recently sampled mine from this vintage and it is still effective.
    Feel free to message me with any question.
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    dlnmerced reacted to CHfather in 5-MeO-DALT expiry date?   
    I'd be a little surprised if anyone here has an answer to your DALT shelf life question.  Not a lot of DALT users here.  I'd suggest that you might get a quicker answer by sending a private message to dlnmerced, who is a member here but hasn't posted much lately.  If you click on the envelope icon, and start typing dln in the "To" box, I think it will autofill with the rest.
    Alternatively, the Facebook group where DALT was most strongly popularized will probably have a fast and reliable answer for you. (It's a closed group, so if you're not a member you'll have to ask and then wait to be accepted. I think that's a fairly quick process.)  The group is called "Cluster headaches (trigeminal autonomic cephalagia)"
    Hopefully I'm wrong and someone here can answer you.
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    dlnmerced got a reaction from Rod H in Dr Elliot Shevel   
    Dr. E,  it took you a year and a half to come up with a response? 
    Is business that bad?
    All those peer reviewed articles not beating a path to your door?
    Word of mouth from all those 'Cures' not working for you?
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    dlnmerced got a reaction from CHfather in March 3, 2018 S. California Clusterheads meeting in Los Angeles   
    If you are in Southern California next Saturday, join us for a few hours. Very informal. We want to share information and support.
    Hosted by Scott Ganary and Dave Nickerson.
    We have a guest speaker Dr. Sandhya Ravikumar, a neurologist at USC. Please confirm if you can make it even if you responded to the save the date so that we can plan accordingly. Please RSVP to Scott or Dave if you can make it. We will have lunch and O2 available. We have about 15 people so far. 

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    dlnmerced reacted to CHfather in 2017 Clusterbusters Conference   
    Shay, thank you for being a supporter!!!! 
    I would suggest that you (or he!) start a thread in one of the other forums here (Share Your Busting Stories is a good one, even though you probably don't have a busting story to tell).  Let us know -- as specifically as possible -- what he's doing for his CH (meds with dosages; other treatments); what seems to help and what doesn't.  There are likely to be a bunch of things he can do to make his situation better.  Isolation is very common, with many underlying factors, but knowing that his CH is more manageable is definitely a very good way to start changing that.
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    dlnmerced reacted to Dallas Denny in 2017 Clusterbusters Conference   
    G'mornin Shay!
    Welcome to the community!
    Attending the conference will be life changing for both of you!  The only thing that he might be overwhelmed by is knowledge gained and the cluster bud love! !  And, we have many, many supporters who attend as well.....we love our supporters!!!
    Dallas Denny 
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    dlnmerced reacted to Shay in 2017 Clusterbusters Conference   
    Hey Guys,
    First time on the site, first time posting. I've been dating a 5 year CH sufferer for the last year and have felt him getting more and more isolated due to his condition (coupled with unemployment).  I am trying to get him more connected with his fellow CH community, do you think coming out for this would be helpful or overwhelming for him?  Also, is this conference for CH sufferers only, or is it open to supporters to attend as well?
    Many Thanks!
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    dlnmerced got a reaction from Glasgow Shoe Girl in 2017 Clusterbusters Conference   
    Registered and hotel reservations made
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    dlnmerced got a reaction from Rod H in Dr Elliot Shevel   
    Dr. E,  it took you a year and a half to come up with a response? 
    Is business that bad?
    All those peer reviewed articles not beating a path to your door?
    Word of mouth from all those 'Cures' not working for you?
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    dlnmerced reacted to marjsimmons in L063 0-40lpm or 0-160lpm   
    No worries.  I got a prescription from my Neurologist for the oxygen at 12 L/min from a nonrebreather demand mask for 15min.  I got him to put the demand mask in there and he got the 12 L/min for 15 min from his literature.
    When I went to my local DME they hooked me up with a M60 tank and a regulator that goes up to 15 L/min and I have been running it at 15 L/min.  Once I new it was working I looked into the cost of buying the equipment vs rental and saw that it would not take long to make a return buying it instead.
    I contacted my DME and they said it would be not problem if I got my own equipment from somewhere else and they just filled my tanks for me as long as I had a valid prescription on file with them.  I am buying the tank from them because they had the best price and got the rest online from Foremost Medical Equipment.
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    dlnmerced reacted to Dallas Denny in Dr Elliot Shevel   
    So, we either have the latest incarnation of Danny Boy here or Quack Shevel in the flesh......either way, FECK YOU and go away!!
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    dlnmerced reacted to Potter in Dr Elliot Shevel   
    Dannyboy is back spewing his self serving drivel.  Bullshit.
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    dlnmerced got a reaction from ThatHurtsMyHead in Feb. 25, 2017 Clusterheads of California gathering   
    If you live in S. California and have never met another clusterhead, this is your chance.
    This is a very informal meeting, but with a few planned topics.

    When: Feb. 25, 2017 10AM – 4 PM
    Where: 740 Sound, 12509 Beatrice Street
    Los Angeles, Ca. 90066
    Hosts: Scott Ganary, Dave Nickerson
    Please RSVP to
    message dlnmerced for more information

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    dlnmerced reacted to zanycheff in Please help me   
    Hi Andrew
    As Ch father states busting or d3 may help but first a correct diagnosis is essential ,as you are in the Uk like myself can i ask a few questions that may help us help you 
    1.has a headache specialist /neurologist diagnosed you?
    2.have you tried oxygen ? (its quite possible you now live in an area where the demand valve system is available on prescription )
    3.if no to the two above has your GP referred you to a headache specialist neurologist ?
    pm or answer here if you wish 
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    dlnmerced reacted to registrateyourjourney in First Timer Question   
    Hi Kyle, Sorry to see you are here. But better here than on any other (medical) website in my point of view.
    My pains stop pretty fast normally. A sign for me always is that I don't wake up with an attack. 
    I have made an app to register your attacks and all you do to feel better. A simple tool that helps you keep track of what you do with the push of a button.
    It could help you get a clear view on what you have done. Maybe not now but after a first year of cycle you will know your rhythm and you will see better the results of all the things you will try to get rid of the attacks.
    You can download it for free on android or iPhone just by looking for "Register your Journey"
    If you have questions you can do it here or with a PM
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    dlnmerced reacted to DonnyDog in RC Seeds   
    Episodic suffer for 15 years - with each episode growing in intensity/# of attacks/last 2-3 years including periodic daytime attacks.  During last episode read about benefits of LSD/LSA.  New attacks began 1+ month ago and with approximately 3-5 headaches per night. Was able to order some RC seeds.  2 weeks ago took approximately 14  broken down through cold water extraction pus small amount of lemon juice.  Week ago the same method was used, 17 seeds.  Since the initial intake of the RC seeds I have been primarily headache free, with a few nights of a headache - but significantly less intense than during a episode.
    Question is, do I keep taking the same amount of RC seeds weekly over the next several weeks as the length of the cluster period would last - or cease consumption and evaluate how the headaches are over the next few days/weeks.
    Thanks for any response.
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    dlnmerced reacted to Psiloscribe in 2017 Clusterbusters Conference   
    I think you should just send your wife instead. I have some stories I'd like to tell her ;-)
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    dlnmerced got a reaction from CHfather in Demand valve   
    Hi John,
    The only correction I will make to this topic is that not all regulators that have a DISS connection bypass the LPM setting. There are many flavors out there. There are regulators that have two air ports and both may have DISS connections (see attached picture). There are also those that have one DISS connection but no LPM adjustment.
    If you have a two port model, the port beneath the pressure gauge will be the 50 PSI port. If your DISS is at the end near the LPM dial it is controlled by the dial and it probably will not work well with the demand valve.  I posted this on the Facebook group. Its everything you need for a "E" tank, including the regulator, mask, hose, and demand valve.
    The seller told me he has several to sell and will relist when this one sells. I say this because I hate to see a couple of clusterheads get into a bidding war.
    Please note in the instructions about shipping. I was the first to buy from him and asked he throw everything in a medium flat rate box. I was the only bidder and got mine for $112 with shipping.
    EBAY Demand Valve listing

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    dlnmerced reacted to Dallas Denny in Demand valve   
    G'evenin John
    A good friend and fellow member here recently posted in the Facebook group about a deal he had found on some new demand valves complete with regulator....I'll shoot him a pm and see if he'll drop in with that info
    Dallas Denny 
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    dlnmerced reacted to razorPP in The Jesus Shot   
    13 days, still learning what it's like to be pf, I found out I have ch mental memory, had a red bull so I would be ready for activity this weekend, not needed,  shielded my eyes from the movie flashing lights, not needed, the cold in the morning, I tensed and drew up, not needed, instead I embraced the cold
    here is something from a member not in the usa, here's his notes about a steroid shot he gets; neurologists notes from last visit, may 2016, 0.5 mls of kenalog and 15.5mls of bupivacaine with the kenalog posteriorly and the bupivacaine in all distributions (greater and lesser occipital nerve, preauricular, supra orbital and supratrochlear nerve, )