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  1. DM- cool stuff. I can't even start to figure it out, some of my dreams the TRUTH is just so clear and it kills me that I get this kind of "this is disturbing" feeling, yet feel very comforted in "knowing", what I cannot remember as soon as I wake.

    This has nothing to do with medication for our condition, it is entirely outside of that (e.g. I am not tripping :)

    I had an interesting experience with the last maintenance therapy where I started behaving like I was having a cluster and just felt like pushing on my skull and crunching the top of my head and I started to freak and then I was like, "there is no pain at all, why am I doing this?" No idea.

    It's like I was having a cluster and I was reacting to it, but I could not feel the pain, so I was dumbfounded to sit there rubbing my head for no reason. Hmmm.

    Very interesting thread, thanks again.

  2. I think it's information overload, and not because we can't process what everyone else can, rather because we receive multitudes more data than they do.

    During my periods, I most frequently get the 1 hour after sleep attacks and usually upon awakening to the beast I am deeply involved in some semi-lucid dreaming that involves truths and math that are far beyond my comprehension when conscious, but that during that sleepy time are very real, very true and indisputable.

    My wife recites to me some of my nonsense and it can be quite humorous. I often in waking to the pain am really somewhere else and think that whatever I was dreaming is really true, and sometimes I still "have" it consciously during the attack. I am not talking flying around with dogs, I am talking about mathematical and philosophical truths that are mind-boggling, and make perfect sense at the time.

    I am certainly not adding anything scientific here, but have we considered that the mind is a huge antennae and that perhaps we are picking up frequencies that are unusual? How does a mind deal with serious information overload if there are not the capacity to apply patches to the system?

    Would you expect to have problems if your internet connection was so fast that your computer could not keep up?

    Just some juice to the thread. I think it's related to having a frequency channel turned on that most people don't, and that that channel is blasting us with serious amounts of data that we can't process without overloading the system. And then you get to dance.

    Thanks, enjoyed the readings.

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