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  1. Cheers Tony,

    Yes I've seen the 5 meo Dalt research and it looks good. I've ordered and awaiting it's arrival.

    From what I understand DALT is still very early stages and still has hallucinogenic side effects. At least Bromo is passed the first stage of research.

    The interesting thing is that neither entheogenic or cluster busters have got back to me so that I can give $$$. The clusterbusters site only allows $100/ per month (which is out of my budget at the moment) or one off donations.

  2. Hi all,

    Just wondering if anyone has heard of any updates on the progress of Bromo LSD?

    I haven't seen any updates on line for ages and the (seemingly unsuccessful) crowd funding campaing expired almost 2 years ago https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/hope-to-end-the-horror-of-cluster-headache

    I can't seem to donate to this and would be more than willing to and I think given the growth in awareness I'm sure if they ran another campaign they would get more than the $2500 they got this time.

    Just wondering if anyone knows what's going on as it appears enthogen have a global patent on this treatment which I believe may exclude anyone else from researching it. (I may be wrong but that's my understanding)


  3. I'm up for contributing towards a token gesture of support for the project.

    Great to hear you're in touch with them. I donated straight away but would happily contribute to a pool to get a clusterhead to that dinner

  4. It's crazy because I get to see a free neuro who is great and understands busting. I don't even know why she is free but I think it's to do with seeing her at a hospital. She's referenced the harvard study in her work and gets it.

    I see this bloke and he cost a fortune and know half as much.

    It really makes me sad how everything is run on profit. I read about the trouble bol 148 is having getting funding and just think if the western world spent less money on bombs and more on caring for people how much better we all would be.

  5. For $500 for a half hour consult I think a half hour of googling  over the course of his career is the least you could expect.

    Personally I had heard of busting before I even got Clusters - Net Geo doco I think so I kind of expect someone who must be earning close to a million a year for being a migrain and cluster headache specialist should at least know of the alternatives.

    How can these people be educated!

  6. So I saw a new neuro this morning after being on the wiating list for over 7 months to see him. I was referred to him as he is supposed to be one of the best if not the best headache neurologist in the country.

    I already have a neuro that I see and have been happy with how things are going. My partner pushed to make sure I saw the new one this morning as I'd waited so long.

    I talked openly with him and explained my busting regime. He said he's never heard of pschedelics being used to treat CH and suggested that marijuana was the best alternative treatment he'd heard of.

    I don't think I was expecting much and wasn't planning on changing anything but I don't understand how one of the top specialists in the country hasn't heard of busting. I mean half an hour on google on the area of your expertise seems like a reasonable expectation for a specialist.

    What's worse is that I suggested he look into it and there didn't seem to be the slightest interest in finding out more.

    CH just seems to be an invisible disease for everyone but those it directly affects  :'(

  7. I just got results back saying it's up around 350nmol ( I think thats around 140ng/ml

    I was 30nmol (I think) before I started the regime a few months back. Attacks have been better but I started busting at the same time.

    Any advice to keep at 10000 per day or wind back?

  8. Yes please MG!

    I've been looking for something like this that I can track properly. I've found a few that track but miss out on dosing and various treatments to see if there is a trend. Is it a excel file?

  9. Just wondering what "pain free" means in regards to chronic vs epidodic?

    I'm Chronic for the past year and a half but since busting I've not had a attack for a few weeks although I still get the shadows. The last attack I had was after drinking which is a massive trigger for me.

    My question is if I don't get an attack for a month but still have the shadows am I chronic or have reverted to episodic? Do episodics get shadow between cycles?


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