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  1. Sorry to hear that Vitamin D isn’t solving the problem. I’m chronic and did everything you did with the same response. In fact the high doses of Vitamin D seem to make it worse at times. I’m currently busting and have done it twice with limited response. I expect that it will take 4-5 more busts to get some results. Chronics usually need more busts so I’m hoping this will help. 

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  2. On 11/2/2020 at 11:47 PM, Dr. Julie said:

    I'm wondering if any other CH sufferers also have psoriasis and if so, do you experience any changes that correlate with your CH cycles at all?

    I ask because I've had scalp psoriasis for 30+ years and it disappears when I'm in cycle. I've never been able to shake it before, ever. It comes back when the cycle ends unfortunately but I can use it as a sign when a cycle is starting or ending.



    Do you use prednisone to break your cycle? Prednisone will transiently eliminate your psoriasis. Once you stop the prednisone the psoriasis returns with a vengeance 

  3. Hi Dan,

    I'm glad this is working for you.  I would like to try it, but I need to know the exact locations where the injections were given.  Do you think your doctor could specify in medical terminology exactly where and how much botox was given?

    Thanks a ton,


  4. Hi Sergical81,

    I'm an anxious type also.  I take LSD for my CH when I can get it, since it works best.  I also take valiium or xanax with it.  The setting that you dose in is very important.  I would recommend being outside hiking with a close friend on a beautiful day.

  5. i am chronic and I tried Botox along with everything else.  The first night after the injections I slept pf the whole night.  The beast came back the next night and the botox seemed to have no effect whatsoever.

  6. Hello to everyone,

    I am coming to my first meeting and  excited to meet everyone.  I am part of the Atlanta group that includes alleyoop and tuckerman48.  Those guys and others have helped me survive and I am doing well because of this board.

    I am also planning on winning big betting on college football   8-)


  7. Hi Booj or Mom,

    I think you should either try higher doses of shrooms or LSD.  I am chronic myself and I only obtain relief when I get mild to moderate hallucinations.  Low doses were not effective for me, but I got huge relief from the higher doses.

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