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  1. Amsterdam here I come!!!!

    and give "3rd Stone From the Sun" a double meaning.

          I guess I'd be stoned on the "3rd Stone From the Sun"!   ;D  Hell, if it works & I can go, I'll go!

           But I saw a news article recently that said the Dutch Parliament is considering making "drug tourism" illegal. They're considering making it so only Dutch citizens could use the drugs sold there - no foreigners.  >:(

            I wonder whether they would still ship things worldwide? (thanks Eli for the info)

  2.      Topamax should be called Dope-A-Max. Several years ago my neuro suggested I give it a try. It took only one dose to let me know that was not for me. I took it at bedtime and when I woke up the next I was so messed up there is no way I could've done anything requiring mental acuity or physical dexterity.

           That said, it has helped some people.

           You might want to go over to www.clusterheadaches.com and ask over there - they generally have more experience with pharmaceuticals.

            Hope the cycle ends soon for you.

  3. Carolyn,

          Thanks very much for the information! I think the next time I take a vacation I know where I'll be going!!! Maybe even sooner than I had expected! :D

           Hope Andy gets and stays headache-free!!!!

           Blessed be!

  4. We've been an approved charity for years now so all tax deductible donations can be sent directly to;


    P.O. Box 574

    Lombard, Il.



         Thanks Bob! So if I donate via check, should I just make it out Clusterbusters, or do you have a preferred name, e.g., "Clusterbusters, Inc."?

          Too afraid to try it myself due to the potential unpleasant  interaction with law enforcement, but I am willing to donate. When, and if, legal, I would try it.

           Thanks again Bob for all your good work, as well as to everyone else making this research "legitimate". Many Blessings to you all!!!!!

  5.        I forgot add the addresses for Erowid & MAPS. Must be the clusters! Anyway, here they are:

    Erowid Center

    P.O. Box 1116

    Grass Valley, CA 95945




    309 Cedar Street #2323

    Santa Cruz, CA 95060

    Phone: (831) 429-6362

    Fax: (831) 429-6370

    Not sure why MAPS, affiliated with Harvard (right?), has a California address, but that's what's on their website.

  6. Hi all,

           I'm just wondering if anyone could post a list of mailing addresses for donating to research and support organizations? I hate ordering/paying for things online, I got burned bad once in the past (took forever to get cleared up) and since then I try my very best not to give my credit card info out online! So far I've only found a mailing address for Erowid (and they're not primarily for dealing with cluster headaches) and MAPS (also not mainly about "busting" CH, but more so than Erowid).

           Thanks everybody! PF days & nights to you all!!!!

  7. I believe you sign a patients privacy act or something like that, so it's not likely that you will be on the 6 o'clock news, because you take a magic mushroom for an headache.       Leslie


         I think you're referring to "HIPAA" and its "Privacy Act". A patient has to give signed authorization for the release of his or her medical records. There are some exceptions - one is a "law enforcement investigation of criminal activity", and in those cases the law enforcement people can require that the docs do not tell you, even if you ask for all of your records and all instances where your medical information was given out, which is otherwise your right under HIPAA.

  8. yea....I'm afraid of bringing it up. I gotta a checkup in September, and I just started busting. If my CH stay how they are because of this medicine, I won't need "his" medicine.

    Should you even talk to your doc bout it?

            I can't answer that question, I have no idea if they put your asking in the chart, or are legally required to report it to the "authorities". Who knows, maybe I'm on some list somewhere ....

           But I figure the more these guys hear about this method, they may start really looking into it, seeing what they can do, etc. I figure maybe it would go like this:

          Dr. Smith: "Dr. Jones, have you ever heard of psychedelics being used to treat cluster headaches? I have a patient who mentioned it and gave me some literature about it."

          Dr. Jones: "You know, I did have a patient ask about it. He told me Harvard Medical School had done some research on it. I checked, and they did, and reported some success with it. There was also a study in Europe with a non-hallucinogenic drug, BOL, that showed great results."

          Dr. Smith: "hmmmm. Maybe we should ask our colleagues at the next headache conference? I thought my guy was just some hippie nut job."

          Dr. Jones: "I bet he wasn't."

          The point being, the more we can get the medical community to be aware of these "busting" methods and "real" research that has been done, the more likely it is there will be more thought, research, trials, and the sooner a "legitimate" treatment with these things will be available to those of us for whom many of the other mainstream meds don't work.

           But for the record, fear is the main thing keeping me from trying "busting".

  9.      You probably have, but if you haven't already, go look at www.clusterheadaches.com message board. I think at least 2 or 3 people have had the implant. If my memory is working right, the topics were "ONS" and "Occiptal Nerve" something-or-other.

         But PF thoughts, wishes, vibes, & prayers coming your way!!!! Hang in there!!!

         "If you're going through Hell, keep on going."

  10.      I'm just wondering if any of you have mentioned the clusterbuster methods to your doctors and what their reactions were?

         My GP immediately said "I'm not going to discuss anything illegal with you."

        My former neuro said, "you've got to be kidding me? Are you crazy?" I showed him some stuff about psychedelics for treating CH and it went straight in the trash, right then and there!

        My current neuro said, "I haven't heard much about it, but I will look into it." I haven't heard anything about it from him since then, but whenever I bring it up he changes the subject.

        In short, no doctor I know of (except maybe the MAPS docs and some in Europa) seems willing to really even discuss or think about the potential for the use of these "non-pharmaceuticals". I mean, I know they can't prescribe shrooms or LSD here in the US, but not even showing interest or a willingness to the possibilities is just plain discouraging and disheartening! :'(


  11. PS - I will be contributing to ClusterBusters and Erowid. Y'all know of any other groups/organizations that support the research of the use use of psychedelics for treating CH and other vascular headaches that need monetary support?

          Anything I can do to support this highly promising research I will.


         I am such a dummy! I see on the list of different message boards there is one called cluster buster fundraising opportunities!

         I ain't got much to give, but some will surely find it's way to support this research!!!! ;)

  12.       I agree that Apria are schmucks. After I had gone a while without any clusters, I returned all the equipment. All of it. BUT They kept on billing and billing and billing .... It took forever to get cleared up.

           So another cycle starts. I use another company. After the cycle was over and going a spell without any clusters, I returned everything. I kept on getting billed. Same as Apria. Monthly bills for equipment I did not have. Got a lawyer friend to handle it.

            DME (Durable Medical Equipment) suppliers are notorious for behavior like this. 

  13. PS - I will be contributing to ClusterBusters and Erowid. Y'all know of any other groups/organizations that support the research of the use use of psychedelics for treating CH and other vascular headaches that need monetary support?

          Anything I can do to support this highly promising research I will.

  14. Everyone,

         Thanks for all the kind words and support! Now if we can just get all of these things - all of them, not just the psilocybin shrooms and the LSD and the "bromo", but also the RC and HBWR - in "reputable" studies, we might all get relief a lot sooner.

          From the research I've done, and reading many posts here, it look like the shrooms and the LSD give the best, quickest relief from our common enemy! The RC seeds and HBWR seem to be a little bit less effective and longer to get a good "bust", but there is less legal risk.

           But hey, relief is relief! And I think different things work for different people - God/the Universe/whatever gave each of us a different body with a slightly different body chemistry.

           Still researching, still thinking, still studying, still suffering ...

            There is a LOT of information here and on the links provided here. Wow! It blows my mind how much info is here! God bless all you who started, contributed the info, and provided links available on this site! It's overwhelming!

  15. All,

          Wondering what (if any) countries have not made shrooms illegal? Thinking maybe There's somewhere I could go on a busting vacation and not have to worry about the unpleasantries of dealing with cops? Just looked at Erowid's site and it doesn't look there are any listed (except maybe Brazil). And it seems that since ClusterBusters was founded, it looks like more and more countries are making them illegal >:( I wonder if there's any correlation. "By God! These people are taking business and money away from doctors! And self-medicating! We gotta stop that! Who cares if they commit suicide to make the pain stop?"

    Thoroughly Discouraged, Disgusted, and Depressed,


           Hell, maybe if there is such a place a group or groups of us could go there and have a busting vacation/conference?

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  16.        What are the best shrooms for cluster busting? I bet theres lots of opinions, and I guess the kind that gets mentioned most would be what I would try first.

           Please don't just say "psilocybe cubensis", because looking at some of the sites you guys recommend make it look like there's a million kinda of cubensis. I guess my question really is what's the best variety of cubensis for busting? Still not sure if I want to try 'em yet but if I get to the point of doing it I'd like to know which ones work best. Thx lots.

             Thanks everybody!

  17. Everyone,

          Thank you for your kind words and understanding! Nobody but us knows what this is like to "live" with, if you can call it "living". Right now I am just surviving, waiting for the "living" part. Get up exhausted every day. Drained all day, then The Beast hits, and I'm even more drained. Lather, rinse, repeat.

            One thing I forgot to say is that "Righty sent me". Not sure what that means but a couple of the good people at ch.com said I should come here and say that.

            Tingeling - I've only done a little bit of reading here, but now I am doing more!

            Bonkers - read the warning, will be reading the files & the FAQ after work tonight.

            Alleyoop - Sadly, I am one the few people for whom O2 is not particularly effective. Wish it was, though - a lot cheaper than 'trex and all the other meds.

             Carole - I have seen "RC seeds" mentioned numerous times. Would somebody please tell me what they are? I'll probably find out soon enough but it would be nice to know already.

              Tex- yes, we seem to be in about the same place. Cycles been getting longer, shorter remissions, currently in about my 5th or 6th month. This is now the longest cycle I have had.  >:(

             Everyone, I will probably figure this out too but if you would be so kind as to save me the time - I know the 'shrooms are illegal, but what about those "RC seeds"? I have also seen mentioned "HBWR" - what is that? Legal or illegal in the states?

             I would rather try legal things first (although it seems the 'shrooms have the best effect), because if I lose my job and my ability to earn a living, then I'd be totally screwed!

             Parting thought - if God/the Universe/the Higher Consciousness, (whatever you call it) made the 'shrooms, how then can Humans make it illegal, especially if it helps people with a life-altering malady? Paraphrasing a t-shirt I once saw: "God made mushrooms, man made alcohol. Who do you trust?"

           Thanks everyone!

  18. Ladies & Gentlemen,

            The good people at ch.com referred me here.

             I am at my wits end. The next "mainstream" medical treatment that has been offered as a potential solution is surgery. Other than that, well, nothing.

            Have had this sh!t for 20 years. Episodic, apparently going chronic. HELP!!!!!!!! I have no idea where to get any of the stuff you guys talk about here. From what I've read and heard y'all's methods beat man-made ones.

            Considering, seriously, the surgery. Also considering a permanent cessation (you know what I mean). PLEASE HELP THIS SH?T IS KILLING ME!!!!!!!  :'(

             Thank you all.


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