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  1. I have a few different medical issues, the major one was endometriosis. My specialist recommended a Lupron injection that would last for 6 months.  once I took it there was no way to get it out of my body for now the next 4 months.  The past few days have been horrible.  I can generally tell a cluster cycle by how it starts.  one a night abut 2 am every other day for a few days then one a night and it gets worse from there. 

    In 3 days I have gone from one nightly to 6 last night.  I have my O2 tank but after last night it is almost empty.

    I am thinking that the Lupron treatment has made this cycle worse.  I normally only get a cycle every 1 and a half either in March or Sept. I haven't had one in over a year now and was totally unprepared for this to begin.

    I am not able to find anything on Lupron and clusters and not sure I can take it if this cycle gets any worse.

    I am just trying to find any information or help right now. 

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