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  1. Canadians are an awesome people and Canada is one of the cleanest and friendliest countries I have ever been to, no question about it. They do, however, need to learn that those of us from the states who work in the service industry rely on TIPS. Those Canadians who speak French should learn that they are not all that. Please don't tell my wife, who was born in Toronto and raised in Vancouver, that I wrote this. ;):D

  2. most of the time they just peter out but i can think of two cycles that ended with a real banger then nothing ....yet sometimes i get a really bad "regular" headache but can sleep through the night and wake up pain free but when i can bust them they just go away. strange goings on i tell you. :D ;D

  3. not too sure about the pulmonary effects of O2 but I'm starting to cough quite a bit after aborting. Wondering if it finally started to take its toll on my lungs. have to wonder what options are available if I can't use the O2 anymore. Vitimin M, imitrex injections, or just finish it. any suggestions appreciated  ;D

  4. hey ipain, not busting because i can't get my hands on any vitamins

    just have to keep blowing O2 and trex when necessary also punching walls helps. hope you have an understanding boss. good luck this weekend. hope you didn't ;D get flooded out today.,

  5. for those of us who don't know the first thing about growing vitamin M, i was just thinking that if someone with knowledge could put a little class together it would be greatly apppreciated.l i am in one of the worst cycles, borderline suicidal, without a paddle. it would be terrific if i had some nearby. just wish i knew how. ;D

  6. thanks for the heads up BJ. i usually do find that 15 lpm works fine for me but i didn't think of energy drink before., i will definitely try that if the O2 doesn't. work again. PFDAN everybody. :D

  7. mid afternoon hit was rough. O2 for 30 mins. didn't work. had to resort to trex shot. hoping this m :Deans IM peaking now and things will start to ease up. keeping my fingers crossed. tired now time to sleep. not looking forward to it.

  8. 1.5 grms of fresh works well for me when I can get them.Some awesome surrealism and good laughs and good relief.   As far as unproductive time goes I cant think of anything more productive then freeing yourself from this nonsense. Unfortunatly I lost touch with the person who was helping me so gonna try to grow them myself. Any pointers or starting point would be greatly appreciated. PFDAN to all 8-)

  9. I cant believe these people actually had the nerve to speak about a subject they know nothing about under the guise of a compassionate physician. How can we let them downplay the severity of our pain like that to the thousands of people who watch them. I can't help but wonder if some insurance exec. or some pharmaceutical person cut them a fat check to do that! Certainly insurance companies won't help us if the public tells them they don't have to and pharms don't want to research because there is not enough money to be made from us. What a great way to dismiss  us by lying to the public about our condition. I'm sure these snake oil salspeople help some people in one way or another but we need them to leave us alone until they have all the facts. I feel they should apologize to us and admit they made false claims about avoiding C.H. I doubt they will though, as that would make them take off their masks. I am not a man of means or connections, I don't feel there is much I can do alone. If there is anyone out there who understands what I'm talking about and is as heartbroken about this as I am please let me get a PFDAN. LOVE U ALL :P

  10. lets hire an attorney and sue them. they really shouldn't be giving advice on things they know nothing about. just saying we should sleep and wake the same time every day is ludicrous. why should they get away with such nonsense. lets kick them off the air and use the settlement money for more conventions. PFDAN ;D

  11. just dosed vitimin M yesterday. Had an awesome day on the beach but paid for it last night. got hit every hour through the night and have a constsant "normal headach".

    not sure if it worked or I just pissed off the beast.

  12. hi everyone..........just got 100 seeds. not sure what to do..........please, any suggestions would be greatly appreciated....got hit really bad last night. O2 didn't work so had to resort to imitrex.....do I need to wait 5 days before using the seeds? If anyone knows where I can buy a new hypothalamus gland please let me know. 8-). thanks.

  13. ok. 2 grams of old crushed vits. very mild experience. one post dose hit then nothing the rest of the day until 11:30 tonight, mild hit. busted with O2. i'm sure i'm in for another sleepless night but will wait the 5 days and try again on tuesday. hopefully with fresh this time. PFDAN ;D

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