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  1. hammered

    Getting all jazzed up for Chicago!!

    Will be my first time. Cannot wait to meet some of you.
  2. I have a copy of the April Journal of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery. The article is "A New Minimally Invasive Technique for Cauterizing the Maxillary Artery and Its Application in the Treatment of Cluster Headache." It is written by Elliot Shevel, BDS. It comes from South Africa. This was preformed on 5 patients. Four were cured immediately. Essentially, a probe was inserted intra orally to find the Maxillary Artery as it enters the Sphenopalatine ganglion via doppler and it is cauterized. One subject was being hit as this was done and the pain ceased. Promising.
  3. hammered

    A New Minimally Invasive Technique

    Just entered the same post. I see you beat me to it. I cannot believe it is available in the U.S. FDA and all that. My one concern is that the Maxillary Artery is a big dude. What happens to all else that it feeds. Anastimose form the Facial Artery and others is possible. My symptoms are the same as the subjects, so I am watching.
  4. hammered

    Cannot get worse?

    In my third week of cycle. Many cycles. O2 and 2mg sumatriptan. Waiting for farm. At least 6 today. Thought it could not get worse but I got a kidney stone. Had to get it blasted. At least there was O2 in the Surgy-center. What's next? Red Nile, Frogs? A stone pain is right up there with cluster but you get rid of it.
  5. hammered

    Cannot get worse?

    Dan, Flying somewhere is my big fear. I am afraid the same thing will happen to me. I cancelled a resort trip once. A note from my Doc got me a voucher. Steve
  6. hammered

    Cannot get worse?

    I have twice as many hits at night than during the day. I will try to sleep upright tonight. Thanks for the tip.
  7. hammered

    Cannot get worse?

    That is really neat that there is provisions for O2 at the convention. Wonder why position makes a difference in hit or no hit?
  8. hammered

    Cannot get worse?

    I would like to go to Chicago, but my O2 tank will not go in the suitcase. Would if I was not in cycle.
  9. hammered

    Cannot get worse?

    b.g. Stone is gravel. Beast is not. I am a Steve K. also. Just busted with O2 and 2mg summa. Hope I get an hour or two. Yes, sleep is the big deal.